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  1. Hello Everybody, In case anyone is wonder no I'm not very good at programming, working on it learning new things all the time. Also, the title is Python 2.7, I haven't touch 3.0 yet. I found you guys looking for a good dual-audio of The Ancient Magus Bride releases. I found the torrent actually on another site, and by looking into LostYears because the fourth episode hasn't been posted yet I found you guys. So far this place seems nice and welcoming I would like to join this community, so far I haven't had much luck with them as in my experience I have joined a lot of time demanding forums or they are really disrespectful, even the Admins was rude for no reasons :(. The latter was normally with new sites that the Admins would operate under different rule sets among themselves. Honestly, my activity is dependent on how much time I have on the side between a full-time job and also taking online classes I tend to have very little time for a lot of things on my list to do. I have always loved anime since I can remember, I love animes like Log Horizon, SAO, Overlord, Severing Crime Edge, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon/Dan Machi,...etc. There is too much more to even list, I think you guys get what types I like. I love MMORPG's, the last one I played was FFXIV the problem I had was my limited amount of time I could play and I always got left behind by my FC members. I also like Watch Dags 1, I have no intentions of trying the second one tho. Farming Simulator 17, Factorio, and Destiny. I love to write programs, I'm still a beginner at it tho. I am currently working on Python 2.7 supposed to be a great starting Object-Oriented language. I plan on jumping back into C++ after I get the process down better as that was my first language and it's supposed to be a great language for writing game engines which is my end goal, for now, I do plan on setting more goals in the future as I near my current goal. Currently, I still make my code too complicated and use more lines then I really should be using. I would like to hear from you guy's and get to know you all too. Please ask any questions and any advice/constructive criticism is always welcome.