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  1. I have been rewatching both DuckTales and Darkwing Duck with my daughter. Both are great shows.
  2. While I must be too old to know these shows, I am super excited to hear anything about a "revival of Saturday morning cartoons". Kids should all know the feeling of waking up early Saturday, and having the opportunity to yell: "Dad? Is it time for cartoons yet?" and hear the response: "No, go back to sleep". Of course no sleep can be had at this point, its just wait and wait until the cartoons are on.... I miss the Saturday morning cartoons.
  3. sli

    JDownloader Bandwidth Limit Reached

    I have been using the "reset my dynamic ip" workaround. As has been stated, mega is tracking bandwidth by ip address. I would guess that many users do not pay for/have a static ip address. After the 5GB limit, you need a new IP to start downloading right away. I currently have comcrap, but is not difficult to obtain a new ip. A restart of your modem is not usually enough to get a new IP. At least for comcrap, on reset you are provisioned the same IP you previously had. This provisioning seems to be directly related to the MAC address that is connected to the modem. I hope most people are using a router between the modem and their computer. I can't speak about all routers, but I assume quite a few allow you to change the MAC address of the router. For instance, on my router, I have a settings tab that has an input field that says "Internet Mac Address". Changing the MAC address, saving, and restarting the modem is enough to obtain a new IP address. I believe after the MAC address change, you really only need to "release and renew" the connection to the modem. I have found it safer to just reset the modem. Unfortunately, my particular modem cannot be programmatically reset while the coax cable is plugged into the modem. A little python script is able to log into the comcrap website, use the sites api to execute the reset-gateway command, which restarts the modem. So, the simple python script runs as follows. 1. Log into comcrap site and obtain credentials for api 2. Log into router. 3. Execute comcrap api gateway-reset 4. Submit form to router that will update the mac address 5. Wait a few minutes for everything to come back online Jdownloader has a "Reconnect" tool that can be used to run scripts. I believe it even has the ability to help you search and find proper settings to help with resetting and obtaining a new ip address. I have tried to construct my python script into several pieces, a ComcrapApi library that can connect to the api and run several of the api commands; a RouterApi library that is specific to my Buffalo router, it is used to update the MAC address; and a "driver (run the libraries)" scripts to execute the previously outlined steps. If there is anyone who would like to see if they can use the basic Comcrap library, i can setup a patebin with some basics for the script. Since there have not been too many comments in this thread, I assume that the bandwidth limit is not any issue for most users here.
  4. sli

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    I remember my first theater experience was for The Land Before Time. I also believe PizzaHut was doing promotions.... I remember hand puppet things, but I do not believe I still have one.
  5. sli

    What was your favorite cartoon from the 90s?

    The 90s were my main decade of cartoons, so this is a tough call. I have very fond memories of getting home after school and watching Darkwing Duck. After seeing so many comments about Batman: The animated series; I will now have to take the time and watch it. I am excited, I sure hope to find the time soon!
  6. sli

    Hi All

    Just getting started here and I am excited to join a new community. I have grown up watching cartoons when ever I could get the chance. My tastes have changed throughout the years. One of my favorites is Inspector Gadget. I have been told that I enjoyed that one from a very young age. Nowadays I am getting back into cartoons as a way to bond with my children. I have introduced my oldest to Rescue Rangers, and now we play "rescue" non stop! Hope all is well and I am excited to look around.