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  1. A little more recent and might not be everyone's opinion, but I have liked: Legend of the Three Caballeros Milo Murphy's Law I just pulled up a list of cartoons from 2010s, and man.... I have missed quite a few of them!
  2. I have been rewatching both DuckTales and Darkwing Duck with my daughter. Both are great shows.
  3. While I must be too old to know these shows, I am super excited to hear anything about a "revival of Saturday morning cartoons". Kids should all know the feeling of waking up early Saturday, and having the opportunity to yell: "Dad? Is it time for cartoons yet?" and hear the response: "No, go back to sleep". Of course no sleep can be had at this point, its just wait and wait until the cartoons are on.... I miss the Saturday morning cartoons.
  4. sli

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    I remember my first theater experience was for The Land Before Time. I also believe PizzaHut was doing promotions.... I remember hand puppet things, but I do not believe I still have one.
  5. sli

    What was your favorite cartoon from the 90s?

    The 90s were my main decade of cartoons, so this is a tough call. I have very fond memories of getting home after school and watching Darkwing Duck. After seeing so many comments about Batman: The animated series; I will now have to take the time and watch it. I am excited, I sure hope to find the time soon!
  6. sli

    Hi All

    Just getting started here and I am excited to join a new community. I have grown up watching cartoons when ever I could get the chance. My tastes have changed throughout the years. One of my favorites is Inspector Gadget. I have been told that I enjoyed that one from a very young age. Nowadays I am getting back into cartoons as a way to bond with my children. I have introduced my oldest to Rescue Rangers, and now we play "rescue" non stop! Hope all is well and I am excited to look around.