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  1. eleni

    DmonHiro 720p BD Quality

    Thanks for all the informative answers. Cheers
  2. eleni

    DmonHiro 720p BD Quality

    Thanks for the replies. On a side note, how are ReinForce's releases ? That group always seem to have 1080p BD raws for many shows I like.
  3. Most of the shows I love (Gabriel Dropout, Hinako Note, In Another World With My Smartphone, and many other moe comedy shows) don't have many subbed 1080p BD releases. The only subbed BD releases are from DmonHiro and he only seems to do 720p. How are his releases ? I have little knowledge on encoding and would be glad if anyone could shed some light on me.
  4. eleni


    <3 Welcome abroad mate. Keep it 420 24/7
  5. What's your go-to site for anime OST and J-pop/rock ?

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    2. eleni


      @Ashven288 Thanks for the offer. I already have a bakabt acc. I do not have an animebytes acc though.

    3. emjay911


      Animebytes open their applications temporarily for a few minutes everyday I think.

      You should always check daily.

    4. ramensama92


      Just use something-something free mail service that e-mail you when there's a change on the page https://animebytes.tv/register/apply

      i.e. Registration open

      inb4 google it

  6. eleni

    Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    The comedy is golden and its serious moments are epic as well.
  7. eleni


    Hello, everyone. I've been watching anime since 2011. Hope to have a good time here. <3 <3