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  1. can you please reupload Galtar Golden Lance of Tooncore encodes, pls Thanks

  2. Bionic Six Defiantly such Awesome series, needed and Deserved a DVD release ASAP!
  3. hi, can you pls kindly give me links to these shows? your previous links are all dead thanks in advance man

  4. dont remember and not sure how exactly. but i was searching for old cartoon series, mostly hannah barbera. now i love kametsu .
  5. Hi, im sorry what happend to your work, i really appreciate your hard work , you are the Savior of these gems, i wanted to save them too, is there any chance i can get those HB classics? are you planning to upload  ? anytime soon? i really want to save these gems and reupload and share links, :(

  6. hi, nice work, im wondering if u updating the list anytime soon, so i dont have to surf thorugh all forums! thanks in advance! (cartoon and animation download index)

    1. NeutralHatred


      Sicka isn't very active on the site anymore. This request is unlikely.

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