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  1. 2 hour movie - 52 kb of dialogue

    44 minute TV episode - 70 kb of dialogue

    This is plain retarded.


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    2. ObjectNY18


      Yeah, but that's just obsessive fans doing lots of extra work. I mean actual subtitles - dialogues and important captions on screen.

    3. Scyrous


      E-Extra work?? My friend, good karaoke/KFX and fabulous typesetting are mandatory in this day and age. :P

    4. ObjectNY18


      Depends on who you're making subs for, and whether subs are actually end product, rather than a stage of it.

  2. OK, serious question: does anyone else feel like Netflix has become a bit of an SJW nest? Or am I just getting old, and this is a clear case of generational gap, where I simply don't understand obsession with "diversity" over quality and effectiveness?

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    2. VON


      @kamuser_2090 Have you watched South Park?, there is an episode where they try & sell the rights to a Coon/ Coon & Friends movie series to Netflix & they constantly say "Netflix will Buy anything!", if you haven't watched it I think you would get a laugh out of it since alot of Netflix's latest content is rather poor, especially alot of their original movies.

    3. eleni
    4. kamuser_2090


      +Von Yeah, I've seen that. It pretty much summarizes Netflix as is.

  3. What would you do, if you suddenly became a little girl (while keeping your current mind)?

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    2. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      I'd quit my job, gain a new identity and family/life, and enroll in grade/elementary school again.


      Why did you ask?

    3. ObjectNY18


      Just curious how many of you are dirty perverts like I am

    4. ACCM


      i'll let lose and enjoy the new me!

      1: i will get As in all my school 

      2: chance to write the wrongs

      3: tease all the guys (maybe still thinking about it)

      4: enjoy the new hardware.

  4. Spaced Out!

    I do, it aired on CN here. Quite an ugly cartoon
  5. It's time to leave this awful place
    You can walk for miles and not see a smile
    And no one knows our different ways

  6. After translating No Activity, which is literally nothing but pointless talk. I can safely say that US should sod off from TV.

  7. Happy New Year, every body!

    1. Pa1


      Likewise, Happy New Year.

    2. DRX


      Happy new year to you as well ^_^

  8. There's no reason to hurry
    Just start that brand new story
    Set it alight

  9. I'm addicted to stress, that's the way that I get things done, 
    If I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long, 
    And I hang around like a bum, 
    I think I'm goin' nowhere, and that makes me nervous

    1. emjay911


      Prolonged exposure to stress affects your health. Source: myself

  10. Turning Players Into Payers

    1. Badguys


      Lemme guess... You hate Star Wars and/or Electronic (f)Arts as well?

    2. ObjectNY18


      Yep, but I wasn't dumb enough to buy it :)

    3. Badguys


      Me neither.  I turned away from microtransaction-laden games before it was hip with American developers to put them in paid games.

  11. Same beer, same... show!

  12. Web live action series were a mistake. Having one episode be barely shorter than a movie is not acceptable.

  13. With The Last Jedi and Battlefront II, I'm glad that even normies are finally waking up and realizing how bad Disney Wars are.

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    2. ObjectNY18


      @NeutralHatred: Disney KNEW exactly what EA was when they gave them rights to Star Wars videogames - they are just as much to blame for Battlfront games. (and on that note, Lucas probably knew what Disney was when he sold them rights to Star Wars franchise.)

    3. Akai-Shuichi


      I quite enjoy both TLJ and Battlefront II. To each their own, I don't really think there is anything wrong with liking or disliking things. Opinions are a good thing.

    4. NeutralHatred


      I enjoy Destiny 2, despite the hate over the "expansion".

      Octirius is just making his point.

      It is his status post; he's allowed.

  14. Does anyone else hate New York because of its overexposure in media (especially bad ones, like superhero stuff)?

  15. Law and Order SVU: a show about vindicating special snowflakes by poorly writing tons of filler dialogue :)

    1. ObjectNY18


      Starring a man named iced tea, and created by a guy, whose name might get me a warning or a ban ;)

    2. Akai-Shuichi


      Sounds just like anime.

    3. Badman