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  1. Since my last post, a friend invited me into a private tracker (Also got into a few that opened up on my own). It's definitely nice for getting older stuff that lost seeds on the public side. (General/TV Trackers. I did get in AnT too but I don't really think about it since it's appears to be Hardcore Sub focused. I prefer Dub over Sub if it's available. So I don't really think about going to it.) I also learned XDCC/gave it a try since last. Got a few things through XDCC, definitely nice. My preference is still the same though. DDL (Google Drive preferred, MediaFire 2nd (MediaFire doesn't limit like MEGA, does it?) then MEGA. Haven't really seen any other filehost that's viable in my use as a free user) then I'd say XDCC (I guess that's new for my preferences) then Torrent. So File Host (GDrive/MediaFire preferred) > XDCC > Torrent (Public) > Torrent (Private). I only prefer public over private first since most stuff is stuff I'd prefer to download to my seedbox then snag off my seedbox and then get it off the seedbox right away so it won't take up space since I typically don't want to archive whatever (Like downloading episodes week to week. I download and watch right away, I don't keep). So having to seed to 1:1 or for like 2 weeks to avoid getting a blemish on my record kinda interferes with that... probably wouldn't mind as much if I had a larger seedbox -- but I don't, so... I download what I can public over private. My seedbox is doing the downloading either way and I go under VPN to get the torrents, so not like I'm worried about my ISP seeing the public activity. Although, have been unprotected getting stuff for years and my ISP has never said a thing. I just go under my seedbox's OpenVPN since it's there to be on the safe side. May as well use what's available to me.
  2. Well, the limit varies based on bandwidth usage I believe. Not really sure though because I usually I would cap out at like 5-8GB (Free, No Account). [Usually was always 5GB for me.] Recently though, I've had my seedbox, twice, download for me (like 40-50GB) and it blazes through it all without stopping but near the end, it drops to a crawl (dl speed) but still keeps going until the end. (Does region make a difference? Seedbox being in EU versus me in the US?) I also remember I had one day, I was using some downloader and was downloading and MEGA just never stopped me so I kept at it. Pretty sure that day I had snagged like 100~ GB until like sometime the next day when I finally got hit with the message. I had got like 95% of the stuff I wanted though at that point, lol.
  3. RyanEsau

    The Torrents slowly dying ?, Piracy days over ?

    I don't think they're dying by any means, there may be some ups and downs (sites temporarily going away for example.) Just as mentioned, torrents tend to die not too long after in public. Especially less popular stuff I've noticed in my attempts to get stuff for my family that's several years old. (Or even just a year old for some stuff.) Although, sometimes I've also run into it still being alive but only like 1 seeder with a shitty upload speed on a large torrent. Better than being completely dead and unable to get the item in question though, It's just I'm not one to leave my PC on so I hate having to leave my PC on for like a full week for a download. Either way, most people just don't seed, which I can understand frankly, I never really seeded myself either unless I just felt bad because ratio was poor, (E.G 1 Seeder, 200 Peers.) then I'll usually seed until it gets more reasonable of a ratio. Especially since I have a seedbox now, I don't have to seed myself directly. Looking at one of my recent torrents, got 7 (Or 6 minus myself) seeders but 116 have downloaded it. Although, I think around release (Last Sunday) was like 30~ seeders for a minute. I guess people seeding around 'prime time' and then that's it for them. I assume the ratio isn't much different with other releases, although maybe people seed longer for more popular stuff/release groups?
  4. RyanEsau

    Do you have a piercing?

    No. Not into body modifications of any kind personally.
  5. RyanEsau

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Metal Gear Rising Revengance (PC). Felt like playing some Hack 'n' Slash. Finished the main game yesterday, just finished the first DLC Mission (Sam). Trying to get the last few VR Missions I missed then maybe I'll do a replay on higher difficulty after completing the last dlc mission. I'll also be getting back into my 60GB Phat PS3 I got in February to play PS2 Games. (Already had a Slim PS3) I had started Yakuza but didn't finish, so that'll be first thing on my playlist.
  6. RyanEsau

    Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    Well, we're definitely behind the JP Dub without a doubt but I think the voice actors were busy dubbing the games and that made for the long delay unfortunately. Dragon Ball Z Kai is coming to an end soon though, (I never realized it was still going until like a week ago, lol) so maybe after that then they could double up on episode releases? Would be sweet to see 2 episodes a week, at least some weeks if not every week. I assume it's definitely possible considering they've been doing double duty (DBS + DBZ Kai) all this time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dragon_Ball_Z_Kai_episodes#Season_7:_Evil_Buu_Saga_(2014–2015) They still got like 9 episodes left. So like Late June probably? I think we should be probably just about entering S5 right about then, so that'd be a nice point to speed up. New Season, New Pace.
  7. RyanEsau

    Marathon One or Multiple Series Simultaneously?

    One at a time has always been my preference but I opened up to multiple last year (September?). Decided to start watching Dragon Ball Super (Dub) week to week. Then end of January, I opened up even more as I wanted to watch Overlord II and I just kinda went for it after that and started all the animes I wanted to watch week to week. I still watch one (primary, day to day) anime at a time, but I additionally watch others as they come out week to week. Reasoning being I just always felt like I wouldn't really be able to keep up with the storylines if I dive into several of them. Frankly though... having watched multiple for awhile now, I do keep up without a problem. I just... remember character names even less so than before
  8. RyanEsau

    How to Remotely Delete PSN ID from Inaccessible PS4?

    I don't think you can delete a account remotely. However, you can deactivate your account remotely. https://support.us.playstation.com/articles/en_US/KC_Article/Deactivate-PlayStation-Consoles-Via-Website Follow that, except ignore Step 3-5. From there, instead of 'Media and Devices', goto 'Devices' in the nav bar then PlayStation Systems. You'll have to figure out which is which. (There not named by default. You can name here though for ease later. I think there ordered by addition though. I had something like "PlayStation 3 System" on the end and I realized it was my 60gb ps3 I got a month ago.) Then just click the respective system and deactivate it. The article mentions that they limit you on doing this to like once per six months, not sure if that applies to single device activation as well, but just to be safe try to remember to sign out/delete your account in the future.
  9. RyanEsau

    Anime that you'll never ever watch again

    Well, for me, that would be just about 90% of the anime I've watched. I don't really rewatch outside of rewatching (if it's been awhile and I don't remember the story well) for a upcoming season. Some personal bottom of the crop that I definitely will not rewatch though: Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero) - I thought it was pretty okay but I was on the edge with the main girl. Hated her, so that kinda had me waning with the show. I'm never riding that train again. I don't really care for the tsundere role but I bear with it, but Louise is the most overbearing tsundere in my book so she urked me more than a typical tsundere would. Maybe it comes from the fact (if I recall correctly) she's the only loli in the show, so that makes for extra jealousy/self consciousness versus the other girls, I guess... Dance with Devils - Not bad but there were too many (well, frequent rather) musical numbers for me. Movie was announced shortly after I finished the anime but didn't watch. Don't care. Pokemon Series - Probably won't ever go back to Pokemon. I plan to watch the original/first season later down the line but that's it. I watched some Diamond & Pearl growing up, watched Black & White (in full), first season of XY and handful of second season. Don't really care about Pokemon anymore. Think that's about it. Don't think I'd really oppose anything else, just unlikely or I might keep putting it off for awhile.
  10. RyanEsau

    How's your hard drive doing?

    128GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD (OS/Programs) + Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD (Mass Storage for games, music, media, etc. SSD is solely Windows + Programs and nothing else. Pictures, Documents, etc is all on my SSHD) Still doing just fine thus far. Although, in recent months, I've been losing random files (namely anime episodes...) here and there. Not sure if it's Windows tripping or something with the hard drive. It's a bit annoying since I don't catch it right away until I go to watch the series. Just had it last night as I was finishing Koyomimonogatari, Ep.9 was missing. I was in the middle of binge watching the last handful of episodes (Like 8-12) and ended up watching episode 9 online to keep my flow going. Luckily it's just single episodes like that generally but I had a couple worse cases once or twice (these were the first cases). I remember one case, I lost the entire first season of Dragon Ball Super but luckily I was able to just bring up properties, goto 'Previous Versions' and snag Season 1 from the respective system restore. After that started occurring though, I backed up the Dragon Ball series because I'd be rather unhappy if it got wiped and I couldn't restore. Speaking of which, I also have a 750GB Toshiba External HDD. I got it during a sale (It was a lightning deal, iirc) on Amazon back in December 2014. Still going strong. I was a little unhappy afterwards though at the time, I remember whatever I paid for the 750GB on Amazon, I later saw I could get 1TB for the same price directly from Toshiba. RIP... (Not that I needed it but... more for my buck)
  11. RyanEsau

    Which player do you play your files with the most?

    I've been using VLC for the longest while. Never had any playback issues expect once (not sure what happened). Trying to watch Twin Star Exorcists, for some reason, with the stable version of VLC at the time (September 2017, I think) I would get a green screen [no video] w/ audio. I remember looking at the codec information and was lost, it wasn't something out of the ordinary that wouldn't have been supported. (I even played something else in the same format) So I ended up trying MPC and it worked, but I only used it for like 2-4/50 of the episodes. After that, I decided to try a nightly vlc build and that worked, so I got rid of MPC and was back with VLC. After I finished Twin Star Exorcists I think I went back to stable release. That's the only time I've ever used MPC, for that like one day or so. Rather stick with what I'm use to, especially when I didn't exactly see a difference from what I recall. Plus I'd rather stick with something that's still actively updated.
  12. Aegisub should've been properly set, so not sure what happened. I always open the video I'm working on in Aegisub, naturally. Aegisub has a pop-up about adjusting to the resolution if it's set to something otherwise. (Like set for 1080p but you open a 720p video) Interesting tidbit of information (on syllables/accents)~ So it's te wo? Sounded like tenbou to me but I didn't realize knowing their syllables was a necessity in panning out the words they're truly saying. I guess it's similar to like silent letters in the english language in a sense? (Or letters pronounced as another) I adjusted the romaji (and timing) for the addition of te wo which makes it look better imo now that it's covering the full line. Also I think the translation I followed makes sense, lines are similar. Just like different grammar, more or less. Also I got what you're saying but just wanted to note that I was saying in the full version of the song, they say 'an error code, error code, error code, error...' and that's what was in the lyrics/translation I was following. However, in the TV/Web version which I'm working with, the line sounds like 'Code:Error, Code:Error, Code:Error, Code:Error'. Last tidbit there is news to me, guess that explains why I think a few times what sounds like English plain as to day me is actually jotted down different in the translation and I'm like "What? They said..." Well, I didn't include the word since I was unsure of the meaning but with your mention of Asuka's translation, looks like in the translation I followed, they translated the whole line but just skipped the words 'te wo' for whatever reason even though they're a part of the sentence. I went ahead and added it in/adjusted as mentioned in the above section. Added 'te wo', adjusted the time accordingly to match, and changed the fade, easy enough. That is definitely true... if I wanted to rework my subtitles, it would most definitely take a fair amount of work/time. I'm not interested in doing that though and plus I kinda feel that would be dismissing my work I already put in, which I'm not interested in having happen. I'll stick with what I have. I'll definitely still be looking into KaraEffector though~ One note though I did remove (well part) the offsets in one of the OPs/EDs (I forgot which). I originally did a offset (left or right) to position the line accordingly along with a 10-12 (or 13-17. usually 11-12 though) vertical offset because it looked like the line I have popping in doesn't line up with the first half. This time around, I removed the that vertical offset and it looked okay to me. Something that just occurred to me though, is that I could use a /pos instead of doing offsets to the same effect. Would that make any difference though? Or rather would there be any benefit to using pos versus offsetting? Ah, yeah, the subs being used for Monogatari that I'm watching are Commie. (Well not sure if all. There's like three different sub sets available for each season just about. I think most are Commie by default?) I see that you just did multiples of the same line to do the coloring to the scene change. That's a nice method~ didn't think of that. My first thought when it came to scene change mid-line (thus color change needed) was figuring out how to do a timed color effect. Which you can see in the Beatless OP & ED. More so in the ED. It's only one line in the OP (Sono te wo tsukamitai / I still want to your hand). The ED there's like 3 (?) from what I can remember. One early on, when the first section kinda ends going from light green to orange to match the new scenery/girl's hair. Then another near the end of that scenery going from the girls to the sunset bicycle ride scene, then last being the intial PRIMAlove at the end, going from orange for the sunset to purple for the last scenery change. Just noticed I missed a few points of scenery where the color changed mid-scene that I could throw in adjustment to... can't always be perfect the first time around. (Or rather, that just about never happens?) On another note, regarding color changes, kinda wowed me, Commie's subs in Koimonogatari. Never seen such before... evidently somehow by using the \clip command? (I've glimpsed over it on the list of ASS tags for Aegisub but haven't read it in detail/learned it) That's quite something... I took the NCOP and added Commie's subs to it so you can see the full OP - https://mega.nz/#!ScFnzJ6b!mJhNoushdzONDkOl48iLvXkak-LEIKgYyOpPPWaEqoQ
  13. RyanEsau

    Kametsu is now on Discord!

    Just joined a bit ago~ Sgt.Soldier™ #8706 Made my nickname RyanEsau since that's what I use here. I use Sgt.Soldier on Steam namely~
  14. Well, for the most part I'm choosing to follow. There are some things I don't really get/choose to ignore though. I see what you're saying but I don't really see it as 'a lot of work' long as I have the preview in Aegisub. There was one opening/ending (I didn't share this one) that I subbed and it was a bit of a pain in the ass doing the offsets to make the stuff coordinated correctly. (Positioning) For some reason, the preview in Aegisub was a lie with that particular opening/ending. So I would set the offset accordingly but it'd be elsewhere when I goto play the actual video. So I had to go by eye (watching the video) and guessing how much adjustment to the left/right for the offset was necessary. That definitely took a fair bit of time, but it's what I wanted so I kept at it. (Maybe it was because the video was 480p? Dunno.) I do like the affect but I understand. So, the copies on my MEGA don't use it (Overlord II) but I did keep it for my own personal copy. (I keep my favorite openings/endings, and of course ones I sub myself like this. I'd never get rid of my own work.) [Actually, there's one thing using it. Death March ED still has fade in. I don't really see much issue with reading it though like the others. Lyrics don't go by fast like the others. So just gotta keep up with the song.] Makes sense and ah, so that's what you did. Kinda like grammar correction of the translation, more or less? (Like My future, my life > My future, and my life) I had did a little of searching trying to figure what 'tenbu' meant (jisho.org, romajidesu.com for examples) but was a bit stumped still. (I've never really had luck trying to decipher the meaning behind romaji since context makes the difference far as I know. So then I end up sitting there "Well... this would make sense to complete the line. But this would too... uh....". Guess that how translations vary by translator?) I've never really listened to full versions of ops/eds (not much of a music guy) so never really knew that there were differences in lyrics like this as well. (Like "An error code" [Full] / "Error:Code" [TV/Web]) Thought was just purely shortened, so maybe some sentences skipped and that was about it. (Maybe skipping words in some cases. But changing words? o.o) What I did for now (regarding the 'mae muite wo tenbu') was just adjust the end time on the line 'mae muite wo' to match the next line and adjusted the fade time. So it starts fading as the line ends and then the next line fades in. Couldn't really think of anything else. Guess could also just add the word 'tenbu' to the lyrics (romaji) and adjust the timing accordingly, it's just I didn't really want to do that when I'm not 100% it's a empty word. Seems like it though since a subbed video on yt I watched, the person ignored the word as well. I adjusted the font sizes/properties (shadow, outline) like you did. Didn't really see it as too small personally but the increase from 32>42 isn't much (to me) but if it makes the difference for some others, then whatever, I guess. If it needs to be larger, needs to be larger. As per the timing, I think it's fixed now. I adjusted the timings and added \fad. (Only if there wasn't a scene change between lines though.) So, color coordination to the setting of the OP/ED? Okay. I adjusted the colors for Beatless to the scenes and for the Overlord II ED, I just went with black as you mentioned being good. I always figured white is fine but it is definitely a nice touch when there is some clear color coordination. Think I've seen some in the Monogatari series (currently watching), nice lil touch. More specifically, Beatless OP, I went with black as well (primary color, color of the text) but color coordinated the third (?) color (Outline color). First half I went with a yellow for the sky, a little further in (When it says Code:Error x4, x4 in a row) I went with red for the scene, then the following 2 I went with the onscreen characters primary color [Green > Yellow] (which is also the scene primary color) and the last I went with purple to match the color of the onscreen character's smoke. Last half, starts with red (to match the girl on screen) followed by blue (to match the girl on screen) and ends with purple to match the sky/scenery of the last section. Beatless ED, I color picked from the scene using the color picker. First section is light green, next tidbit (first line when the girl shows up) I used your orange, then a red I picked from the scene for the next line, then a lighter orange to match the sunset vibe, then a moment (like 2 lines) for purple to match the adjusted sky color, then back to the lighter orange again.
  15. 1. Makes sense. 2. Ah, I just thought it was a pretty neat effect and rather fitting when the singer is doing like a long note. (Like if they're singing and say 'Dragon Balllllllllllllllllll' rather than going ahead and putting Z, figure it'd be appropriate to have it pop/fade in when they actually say it.) 3. Okay. 4. You mean the positioning of the text? I only used when I had did pop-ins and (don't remember if I did for all) some, I would type out the whole line to get a idea of where the text would end up. Then I'd put my finger on the first letter, adjust the line accordingly (cutting off whatever part of the line that's not said yet) and then adjusting until it lines up with my finger. I also did a additional offset for popped in lines since (maybe it's just me) it seemed like they weren't aligned with the rest of the text. So I did like 10-12 vertical offset and then it looked better aligned properly to me. (In Aegisub at least) 5. Well, for the last few OP/EDs I did, I named them "Lyrics" and "Translation". Lyrics being what's said and Translation being the english lines. I think I'd definitely do that though if I was subbing an actual episode for better sorting. 6. Okay. Coloring seems like a ideal alternative, didn't think of that. The top/bottom subs is just a common practice I've seen and just copied. I figure the viewer will choose to read the translation (on bottom) or the lyrics uptop depending on their preference. I personally like both (especially if it's karaoke, watching it goes fascinates me for some reason. I usually don't care about the translation when there's karaoke, lol. At least the first few times I watch the OP/ED) So, is KaraEffector the route I'm looking for, to obtain the style of Karaoke Subtitles that I like? I'll definitely look into it. Ah, the Fonts matter a fair bit? Guess I have a bit to learn if I was to get serious/sharing my subs more. I used Comic Sans MS for a bit of a silly reason, it looked okay to me personally and I just thought like "Comics"... "Anime"... "Let's go with it.". Well, \k is just what Aegisub went with. I used Aegisub's 'Karaoke Mode' that I found from reading a bit as I searched around. https://imgur.com/a/m7gK5 Looking at how the style is \kf though, I like that style much better than the style of \k. I like that smooth transition through the words (\kf) versus the movement from like block to block (syllable to syllable) of \k. That's... alot of fonts. Making sure to have something regardless of what kind of Opening/Ending your working with? Ah, okay. I can immediately see (aside from the font, that's obvious ) some the differences in the lines. Also taking a better look (actually comparing the files side-by-side) I can see pretty much all the translations are adjusted slightly or notably. The translations were that off? (Of course I didn't translate it, I just went by the site. Didn't think it'd be that much difference though.) Also ah, think I had ran into similar (garbage frames) with something else I did recently. Didn't know about MPC-HC though, I've always been a VLC user. Edit: Added 3 things. Did like a v2 (Adjusted timings for the new karaoke style/changed font) for DBS OP/ED2. Added Beatless Opening. Did I better follow the guidelines? Beatless OP Lyrics taken from here. (I originally was using animethemesongs.com like I did for the rest but whoever submitted the lyrics didn't cover the last line of the song.) I ignored one tidbit of the lyrics on the site though. I listened to the song (full version I think) on youtube and it sounded right there, but in the copy I guess that's used for the Web/Stream, it's not the same? It doesn't sound like "An error code, error code, error code, error". Sounds like "Code:Error, Code:Error, Code:Error, Code... Error.". Edit 2: Added Beatless ED. Lyrics also from lyrical-nonsense.com One thing that kinda gets at me though... the lyrics (on the site) skip over a word? The line goes like "mae muite wo tenbu" but seems tenbu is a skipped over word. Guess that means tenbu is a empty word in the sentence? Ohhh, nice tool~ For cutting, I've always just been using MKVToolNix GUI and using the splitting option. Anything further beyond that (which I ran into for a few of these. Namely like Darling in the FranXX, since the ED music starts at say like 22:35 but for like 2secs there's the episode title showing before the actual ED [video] starts), I just did a negative delay on the video track (which drops the frames). It's a effective method though, I guess, lol.