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  1. RyanEsau

    BD/BD Remux or DVD?

    Well... I'd prefer Blu-Ray (assuming it's a good release. Not cropped, over saturated or something) but not ISO/BDMV. I prefer a good encode versus the raw ISO or a remux. If no BD is available, I'm fine with DVD though. I don't look down on SD.
  2. RyanEsau

    What is your favorite color?

    I love the colors Black & Red. I don't really favor either over the other from a overall standpoint though. Depends on the use case, if I'd prefer Black, Red, or Black & Red. Can't really think of a reason why I favor them, I just do...
  3. RyanEsau

    Cheetos or Doritos?

    I don't really eat chips anymore but I'd definitely take Doritos. Preferably Nacho Cheese, but I'd probably eat just about any kind long as it isn't too exotic. I'd eat Cheetos but not really something I'm a fan of. Just regular Cheetos though. Pass on all the others kinds.
  4. RyanEsau

    Avatar is an anime!

    Ah, so Japanese also use the term 'anime'? The roots of the term though is western if i recall correctly. To label japanese animation and the like separately. Didn't know about ANN though, I only use MAL. Either way, people still shouldn't expect a site (or someone else for that matter) to change their view/stance to yours just because that's what you want/believe.
  5. RyanEsau

    Avatar is an anime!

    Don't know any of the mentioned shows aside from Korra, but I don't think partial japanese staff counts. I assume the term is also specifically for fully made in japan (or any asian country) with asian staff. Not something that was made in like, America, but happened to have a Japanese Art Director/Artist. All in all, I think the whole thing is just rather complicated. People are always going to stick to their personal opinion regardless of what the actual definition is meant to be. I still see every now and then, people on MAL requesting or asking about RWBY not being in the database. People just won't yield. So people can just go with what they want the definition to be but they shouldn't expect sites like MAL to change their system to match what they believe. There going to stick to what they believe/want and you'll stick to what you believe/want.
  6. RyanEsau

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Crysis 3. I played 1 & 2 but never beat 1. Picked up the Trilogy on sale earlier this year and beat 1. Now working on 3 which I never played before outside of the multiplayer beta or whatever the BETA was years ago. I'm a having a bit of a disconnect with gaming but I'm enjoying it. Only gotten through like the first 3 chapters so far. Playing like 1 chapter at a time, then stopping there. Not sure how many left. After Crysis 3, I plan to mess around with my PlayStation 3. I jailbroke it not too long ago but haven't really fiddled around it quite yet.
  7. RyanEsau

    Can you ride a bike?

    Never finished learning, so no. Last ride I recall, my dad was teaching me and I rode into his van. =/ I just had used training wheels after that all the time, never really got back into learning to be without. I imagine I could pick it up pretty easily now, got good balance, just it's not something I'm worried about.
  8. 20 and I only just started downloading, lol. Wanted to archive some of my favorites and enjoy rewatching them at some point.
  9. RyanEsau

    How to watch Toonami/Adultswim shows in mpv?

    Well, I guess that would work if you catch the live stream. (They have a live stream to watch the channel from the site if you don't want wait the few hours for it to get posted to the show page) In terms of the episodes on the show page (cable locked), which is what TC is interested in, that doesn't work on though. Protected streams. https://pastebin.com/55ZZvLiU Didn't know could snag livestreams though, I had tried it awhile back but I couldn't get like the full episode. Only could snag from where I had jumped into the stream. So would be missing out. Think I also remember the audio bitrate being a little lower, so I just stopped bothering with it.
  10. RyanEsau

    Do you hoard anime ?

    I don't 'hoard' anime but I do plan to start archiving some. Focused on standard tv shows/cartoons archival at the moment. Only just recently started archiving stuff. Anything I do pick up though, I like/love enough that I do expect myself to rewatch someday or introduce a friend/kid/etc to. but in reality you don't have mental strength to watch them "Mental strength"...? What 'mental strength' is necessary just to take some time and re-watch something? I think the case for most people would just be they are focused on current/new/seasonal shows and after accounting their daily livelihood, don't usually make/have time to re-watch.
  11. Nice to have a release window, sweet. Thanks for the share.
  12. RyanEsau

    Avatar is an anime!

    It's an animation. Sure. Anime? No... pretty sure the term refers to japanese (or just asian in general?) animation. ATLA is Western, not Eastern/Asian. It's basically like calling a non-japanese made rpg a JRPG... Don't really get why people want to fight over this. The definition of the term is what it is, you can't just willy nilly change it because you want to.
  13. @Inverti Ah, I only just started following ANN. Didn't see that. I don't remember them being on the simuldub page though earlier. Plus there not in the list here, so just figured I'd mention them.
  14. I think they stealthily added 2 more additions. Hinomaru Sumo - 10/24 @ 4:00 PM EST Conception - 10/27 @ 4:00 PM EST https://www.funimation.com/simuldubs/ Just happened to check and noticed Conception which grabbed my attention... Already had started watching subbed because I there wasn't going to be a dub. Guess there isn't really any real reason for me to pause and wait for the dub to watch though, I'll keep watching sub week to week. Wish they would've announced it before the sub started though...
  15. RyanEsau

    How to watch Toonami/Adultswim shows in mpv?

    Not sure how that interconnects... using a tool to download a protected stream versus putting a protected stream into your video player. I was just essentially saying, go with the webrip releases to simplify things. (Which why I asked is there any releases for whatever show you're wanting to watch) Pretty sure I've seen just about every show covered in some form or fashion. (WebRIP, Sync to CR Video, etc)