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  1. RyanEsau

    AT&T Now Owns Crunchyroll

    Maybe some good will come? Time Warner Cable / Spectrum has had the monopoly in my neighborhood for like a decade or longer. AT&T got them a few months ago and immediately started moving into my neighborhood. Now I'm enjoying fiber thanks to AT&T bringing AT&T Fiber. Cheaper than what I was paying TWC/Spectrum also (Well, slightly)... was paying like $80 (+tax) for 60 Mbps Down & 5 Mbps Up then they suddenly killed off the 60 Mbps plan and forced their 100 Mbps Down & 10 Mbps Up plan on me which I think was like $95 + tax. AT&T Fiber 1000/1000 here is $90 (First year, then goes up to $100) and I haven't seen any tax (Only been a month but my first bill had no tax or surcharges. Not sure if it's a promo thing or not... I was told by a AT&T Live Chat representative to expect like 10-15% in taxes, so maybe it just hasn't reared its head yet? Definitely not gonna say anything though, lol.) It's more typically 940/940 though, I remember in their fineprint they mentioned about expecting 940~ Mbps due to needing overhead to deliver the data to you. Would be great if that "overhead" was on their end instead of yours but can't complain I guess, lol. They warn you (assuming you read fine print) upfront, so... They brought Fiber into my neighborhood, so maybe they'll do something good with these acquisitions as well? Cheaper subscription prices or something?
  2. MAL Forums coming up soon finally. Wonder what the initial threads will be like... lol. Quite the downtime.RNlRmQk.png

  3. RyanEsau

    Should Energy Drinks be banned

    Ah, didn't realize there was some difference. I figured the 'Electrolytes' was the 'Energy Drink' of the drink. So you're allergic to potassium or just Gatorade specifically? Never tried Gatorade, only have had Powerade.
  4. RyanEsau

    Anime Archiving: 1080p or 720p

    I don't really archive anything, but when I do archive/keep a show -- I prefer the best quality possible. So if that's 480p then 480p, if it's 1080p then 1080p.
  5. RyanEsau

    Should Energy Drinks be banned

    I rather like my Powerade alongside my sandwiches sometimes. Feels like the perfect companion drink, especially if I just finished a workout. Don't see any ill harm, so I don't think it should be banned.
  6. Finally! Been waiting for the dates on the SimulDubs I want to watch. Guess they don't bother updating show-by-show basis when they know the dates and just do it in batch when they have them all?
  7. RyanEsau

    Favorite characters from the Monogatari series?

    Not really big on most of the characters. I loved Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade though. (During the movies when initially introduced.) Also really liked that arc of Monogatari.
  8. RyanEsau

    First Video Game

    First game played -- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PlayStation 2) First game owned (PC) -- Team Fortress 2 (Watched a friend play and got interested so they got me hooked up on Steam and bought it for me.) First game owned (Console, Would've been PS2) -- Either Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks or Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Don't remember.
  9. RyanEsau

    AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    Noted. Unfortunately I couldn't do that though back in December. Took them a minute to get to my app and when they did, they were closed.
  10. RyanEsau

    AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    Never noticed that. Never used RSS but I just realized Thunderbird supports it and I use Thunderbird for my mail. So that works better than me following the twitter. Thanks for the heads up on the rss feed.
  11. RyanEsau

    AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    Not open. I tried back in December when it was open (I got one of the questions on the application wrong though. So no AB for me.) and there would be a 'Apply' button if they were open. It's not there though. Just Home, Login, Account Support. No Apply Tab. Just check every so often. https://opentrackers.org/ is also a good way to keep track of trackers sign ups. I've gotten in a few (Including AnimeTorrents not too long ago) thanks to them mentioning when they're open. I just follow their Twitter for updates. I still check the site though here and there because some tweets get buried in my feed.
  12. Since my last post, a friend invited me into a private tracker (Also got into a few that opened up on my own). It's definitely nice for getting older stuff that lost seeds on the public side. (General/TV Trackers. I did get in AnT too but I don't really think about it since it's appears to be Hardcore Sub focused. I prefer Dub over Sub if it's available. So I don't really think about going to it.) I also learned XDCC/gave it a try since last. Got a few things through XDCC, definitely nice. My preference is still the same though. DDL (Google Drive preferred, MediaFire 2nd (MediaFire doesn't limit like MEGA, does it?) then MEGA. Haven't really seen any other filehost that's viable in my use as a free user) then I'd say XDCC (I guess that's new for my preferences) then Torrent. So File Host (GDrive/MediaFire preferred) > XDCC > Torrent (Public) > Torrent (Private). I only prefer public over private first since most stuff is stuff I'd prefer to download to my seedbox then snag off my seedbox and then get it off the seedbox right away so it won't take up space since I typically don't want to archive whatever (Like downloading episodes week to week. I download and watch right away, I don't keep). So having to seed to 1:1 or for like 2 weeks to avoid getting a blemish on my record kinda interferes with that... probably wouldn't mind as much if I had a larger seedbox -- but I don't, so... I download what I can public over private. My seedbox is doing the downloading either way and I go under VPN to get the torrents, so not like I'm worried about my ISP seeing the public activity. Although, have been unprotected getting stuff for years and my ISP has never said a thing. I just go under my seedbox's OpenVPN since it's there to be on the safe side. May as well use what's available to me.
  13. Well, the limit varies based on bandwidth usage I believe. Not really sure though because I usually I would cap out at like 5-8GB (Free, No Account). [Usually was always 5GB for me.] Recently though, I've had my seedbox, twice, download for me (like 40-50GB) and it blazes through it all without stopping but near the end, it drops to a crawl (dl speed) but still keeps going until the end. (Does region make a difference? Seedbox being in EU versus me in the US?) I also remember I had one day, I was using some downloader and was downloading and MEGA just never stopped me so I kept at it. Pretty sure that day I had snagged like 100~ GB until like sometime the next day when I finally got hit with the message. I had got like 95% of the stuff I wanted though at that point, lol.
  14. RyanEsau

    The Torrents slowly dying ?, Piracy days over ?

    I don't think they're dying by any means, there may be some ups and downs (sites temporarily going away for example.) Just as mentioned, torrents tend to die not too long after in public. Especially less popular stuff I've noticed in my attempts to get stuff for my family that's several years old. (Or even just a year old for some stuff.) Although, sometimes I've also run into it still being alive but only like 1 seeder with a shitty upload speed on a large torrent. Better than being completely dead and unable to get the item in question though, It's just I'm not one to leave my PC on so I hate having to leave my PC on for like a full week for a download. Either way, most people just don't seed, which I can understand frankly, I never really seeded myself either unless I just felt bad because ratio was poor, (E.G 1 Seeder, 200 Peers.) then I'll usually seed until it gets more reasonable of a ratio. Especially since I have a seedbox now, I don't have to seed myself directly. Looking at one of my recent torrents, got 7 (Or 6 minus myself) seeders but 116 have downloaded it. Although, I think around release (Last Sunday) was like 30~ seeders for a minute. I guess people seeding around 'prime time' and then that's it for them. I assume the ratio isn't much different with other releases, although maybe people seed longer for more popular stuff/release groups?
  15. RyanEsau

    Do you have a piercing?

    No. Not into body modifications of any kind personally.