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  1. It seems I can have some free time for encodes on Sundays. Neko has shared 5 and 6 volumes of Re:Creators with me, so I made my scripts and already encoding it. If I'll be free tomorrow (but probably not) I'll mux them and release. And now I have 1 Gbps connection, so uploading will be fast. Idk if I even need the seedbox now.


  2. So my worst expectations are confirmed. My new job is really time-consuming. I have to work 9 hours on schedule and spend extra hour there at Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And I'm working on Saturdays too. If I can't drop this job in 1 month I'm as good as dead according to encodes.

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    2. sfaxt


      you've done so much anyway. and i hope everything works out well!


    3. spaceman99


      Companies don't want you to have a life outside of them, nor a family and for all your work they don't want to pay you crap, either...or give you a pension/retirement.

      Just like all the places that give people random "schedules", no one can work a shift, they're screwed around, forced to work holidays-then people question where the family dynamic went, all the while running off to black Friday events on Thanksgiving and wondering why they can't shop on Christmas...

    4. (AC)


      recruitment time ladies

  3. Finally working on Yuri! On Ice. Writing a fresh .vpy script (old was .avs).

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    2. HellBlazeR


      good to see ya rolling

    3. monsieurcooler


      Just a question, Is VapourSynth an improvement over AviSynth ?

    4. DJATOM


      Yes, but porting some plugins required certain effort from me. Now almost all plugins that I'm using available for vapoursynth. According to the speed it's pretty fast. Imagine double CPU Xeon server with 32 threads (16 physical cores), and VS utilizing it on full load. Avisynth+ can utilize it but some plugins are not Mt friendly or Mt method is inefficient and plugin eats a lot of RAM. So from my point of view vapoursynth is superior.

  4. Preparing environment for Netojuu no Susume encode.

  5. Black Relic in progress. Planning to write scripts up to episode 12 and encode it in a few next days.

    Compression rate is good atm. Avant in the 1st episode was near ~20-25 mbps, but rest is near 6-7 mbps.

    1. Koby


      Had to search MAL to see what Black Relic was. :P Most probably know of it by the name Kuromukuro.

    2. DJATOM


      I thought that "Black Relic" was common name for people who watched this series :)

  6. Any strong denoise on ACCA will erase backgrounds with noise. Verdict: ~12 Mbps @ crf 15.5 encode.

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    2. Dab is a Cunt
    3. DJATOM


      If you asking about digital noise reduction, yes, strong denoise (I tried with MDegrain1/2/3 + dfttest clip as prefilter and no prefilter) just washing details with noise.

      MDegrain1 with thsad=120 and thsadc=0 (no noise on chroma planes) performs ok, but bitrate still high.

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      well yea dnr has a tendency to destroy video

  7. HaruChika is almost scripted, yay. Only 1 episode left.

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