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  1. bacchus

    Forgotten Cartoons

    Sport Billy. Was beginning to think I'd imagined it as a kid. Then I found this old trailer.
  2. bacchus

    Hello, hello, hiya, how're ya'll doing? ;)

    /facepalm I just found my way back to this place. Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for the warm welcome!
  3. So I heard about this place in an older thread on /r/eddit which was discussing a thread on 4chan'd /co/mic books and cartoons. A poster on Reddit made a passionate pleas about this site's desire to keep its links internal to avoid having things get removed too quickly. I found myself nodding to his explanation and decided right then and there to look it up and see if I would fit in in. I'm hoping I pass muster even given the ignoble manner in which I first hear of you guys. Thanks!