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  1. Irish

    Hey its been a while

    *BIG ASS BRO HUG* Thanks. FUCKING COOKIES for everyone!

    1. KiraIsGod


      we all do naughty things with cookies, haha.

    2. Irish



    3. (AC)


      F*****g Cookies!

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  3. Irish

    Hey its been a while

    Eh, ive been occasionally looking at the forums and hopping into the IRC but, yeah. Im going to be making more things and posting more... Getting less busy at work and decided that I could do more. Thanks!
  4. Irish

    Space Showcase....( ¬‿¬)

    WOW your work never ceases to amaze me... good job!
  5. Irish

    My new showcase

    Since I haven't done a showcase in a while I thought its about time that I did. These are in no particular order. well thats all for now...
  6. Sorry I haven't been on much. Too busy with life at the moment. Been watching anime and Editing videos when I can, Post it when im done with it.

  7. Irish

    League of Legends

    Any of you play League of Legends? if so add me Syllanna
  8. Fitness time...

  9. Irish

    What's your cell phone?

    I have the Galaxy Nexus(personal) and a Blackberry Torch 9810.
  10. Irish

    Halo 2 Anniversary now in development

    If they remade Halo 2(and by remade I mean REMADE not new physics or anything, just the old game with slightly better Graphics) I would die...
  11. Interesting

    1. Trend


      Look what I can do, I am commenting on your status from the front page haha

    2. Irish


      lol Trend <3

  12. Irish

    Yui's Showcase

    Nice, I like it.. loving the blending.
  13. Irish

    Forum Converted to IPB

    I just had to use the forgotten password.. meh at least the board is back up. (though it seems like i lost my Crusader+)
  14. Irish

    Linux Distros

    So before we lost a bunch of threads, I was saying that I was currently using Ubuntu. Its pretty good and has a nice feel. What other distros should I look into?
  15. Irish

    Linux Distros

    I think that you did... I just reposted the thread cause the forum went down and the thread was lost.
  16. Havent made a sig in a while and decided to make one today... this is the result. (please note I have taken a leave from sig making and this is the first on in a while that I actually tried on) CnC other than I need to change my style, I've experimented and didn't like the results(which made me lose faith in my GFX)
  17. Irish

    Just whippin something up

    Thanks Gero
  18. Irish

    Just whippin something up

    Love how no one can comment on it... Thanks for the support!
  19. Irish

    Best Browser (FF, IE, Opera, etc..)

    I still run Google Chrome and Firefox.
  20. Irish

    Is Starcraft 2 worth getting?

    I play it and love it.. Im not the best person but i do enjoy it alot... damn koreans...
  21. Irish

    What did you have for Dinner?

    Last night I had chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet corn... Amazing.
  22. Irish

    Custom Steam Icons

    No problem, Didn't get much time last night to do it(got in around 10 and went to bed) so i have alot of time tonight to look more deeply into it.
  23. Irish

    Custom Steam Icons

    they need to be in .ico format from what I have seen and used. Ill look around and mess with it myself to see what I can come up with. But as far as Icons go I seem to be only able to get .ico to work.
  24. Irish

    My new gaming rig

    Nice set up man. Glad to see that you finally have it up and running.