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  1. What to play? God of War 3 or FFXIII-2

  2. Irish

    Scary Games?

    Any scary game suggestion is fine, i have a PS3 and a PC. Price isnt an issue. lol. I'll have to check that Ib for sure. Sounds really good.
  3. Irish

    Scary Games?

    Sorry for not including a list. And as far as flavours, all are welcomed. And thanks for the suggestions, ill check those out! Amnesia Dark Descent(and custom stories, though more are always welcomed) Slender(ive played alot of variations but shoot ideas anyway, I like to play them all!) She Comes Maere: when the lights die SCP containment breach SCP 087 and 087-b Anonymous Messages Silent Hill Resident Evil Dead Space Fear Doom 3
  4. Irish

    Im not really new but yeah

    Ive been good, and yes, I have your FUCKING COOKIES!
  5. Irish

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    Mainly Disc Replay for the really low prices, but I also use GameStop and Amazon if I can't find a game.
  6. Its been a while, sup?

    1. Apollo



    2. Apollo
    3. Irish


      POLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Gives Massive Hug*

  7. Irish

    Which MMORPG game are you playing?

    Right now I am invested in Guild Wars 2, Rift, Aion, and WoW.
  8. Irish

    What Are You Downloading Right Now?

    Aion patches and installer, and a shit ton of Anime(way too many to list.)
  9. Currently Watching Chunnibyou- Loving it, find it fun and cute. Sword Art Online- Far better than what people are giving it credit, up to EP 23 and still haven't really seen anything that I haven't liked yet. Robotics;Notes- Spiritual Successor to Steins;Gate, Love it.
  10. Irish

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing a lot of PC games. In order of playtime recently. League of legends World of Warcraft Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Dota 2 Counter Strike.
  11. Irish

    Live Streaming.

    I have been doing some live streaming. Playing various PC games like League of Legends, Amesia: Dark Descent, Halo 2 Vista, SCP, BioShock, Slender(original and all the different maps.) If you ever feel like watching some gameplay with semi funny commentary(LOL) then please come over and check it out. I also welcome suggestions and game ideas. So after watching or during, you can either post here or in the chat and I will entertain suggestions and try new things... Hell I JUST thought of this, I could even do SIG tut vids upon request. Or just show my edit of the day. Well now im just rambling. But yeah, come over and check it out... My stream Schedule will roughly be Monday - Friday : 6:30pm - ~11:00pm EST(I live in Indiana so my time is EST) Saturday ; 1:00PM - Whenever I feel the need to pass out. Sunday ; 1:00pm - ~11:00pm />http://www.twitch.tv/xxirish *Note this is not a shameless self promoting advertisement. It's meant to get some of the community to interact with me and others and watch me Rage/Scream of fear at games. Its all for fun*
  12. Irish

    Live Streaming.

    Yeah, going to start getting heavier into the streaming. Job is laying me off so I'll have a ton of time.
  13. Irish

    Its been a while.

    Like the title says, its been a while since I have made a sig and just finally got back around to making another. CnC is always welcome. Thanks!
  14. Irish

    Hey its been a while

    Hi, its been a while. I used to do GFX but yeah life stepped in and squashed that. Job(programmer)+girlfriend+Competitive gaming(playing games for money) = busy busy busy. Some of the members on the site will remember me, to other I say Hello!
  15. Irish

    Kametsu Member Photos

    Haven't Uploaded a pic in a long time,
  16. Irish

    Its been a while.

    yeah i noticed the light orbs at the top as well... im going to have to go in and fix that.
  17. Irish

    Its been a while.

    its just the size im comfortable with, i sometimes change it up and make then bigger and sometimes smaller. but when im making MY(one that im going to use) i tend to make them 330x130. also thanks!
  18. More streaming and GFX tonight.

  19. Irish

    Games you regret buying/playing

    I regret buying White Knight Chronicles.... Pissed me off. Terrible fighting controls and if i would have bought the second game, i would have gotten the first one for free....
  20. Gonna go home and stream some more Halo 2 and maybe some League of Legends Tonight. Prolly make another sig before bed

  21. Irish

    Its been a while.

    Thanks, I think?
  22. Gonna re-Install my adobe master collection and get ready to make new siggys.!

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      LOl havent entered a sotw comp in a while and figured I would try to get into it again.

  23. Loved all the entries. Great stuff... Ended up voting Poe, Love the blending and lighting that it has. Its awesome!