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    Resident Evil: Chris or Leon?

    The water jet was by far one of the best endings... im not gonna lie...
  2. Irish

    Resident Evil: Chris or Leon?

    Ok firstly, My bad, I Messed up the timeline, degeneration happened 1 year after 4. second- Im not looking for who's the hottest character(claire totally wins that) but Jill has been one of the main characters since 1. when you think resident Evil you think Jill Valentine. Finally- it doesn't matter if Chris has been in a movie or not, towards the beginning of RE5 him and Sheva(sure hes not alone, but hes with an organization) you fight off multiple waves of zombies and a mini Boss..... I like Leon, and i respect your OPINION(cause thats all these are) but i have to go with Chris.... To me hes just the better character...
  3. Irish

    Resident Evil: Chris or Leon?

    Who needs Ada(who screwed you over once, and still fought with you in 4) when you have Jill who (on her own) Saved your life.... Jill and Chris FTW....(by the way i am such a fan of RE i have the Umbrella logo Tattooed on me....) Chris has been around forever and he has untold stories. Leon went from rookie to Saving the presidents daughter.. (the presidents daughter was right after the dengeneration movie)Chris fought Wesker in and EPIC showdown, More than once... and came out alive... sure Leon dove thru lasers and had a few knife fights, but nothing compares to fighting Wesker. .
  4. Irish

    Resident Evil: Chris or Leon?

    Did you see Chris in RE5? His arms dwarf Leon's Whole body, and Chris is the Original.... Chris all the way...
  5. Irish

    My Sigs...

    More recent sigs....
  6. Irish

    trying to decide

    Thanks, I put way more time in my current sig... lmao I love Hitagi though... lmao that's why I was having a hard time...
  7. I got into anime when I watched Akira in the Early 90's... I was still young but it was so new and interesting... ever since then I have been an Anime fan.
  8. I am Goro Shigeno from Major(except being an MLB Pro)
  9. Irish

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    just started watching it and thought It was amazing and that the creators captured the realism in the scenario... Now I have finally found a TV show worth watching...
  10. Irish

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    on my PC-Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo at theaters- Jackass 3D on TV- Scream 3.. haven't really had the time to go watch the newer movies coming out...
  11. Re-watched Ep. 25 of Major Season 6
  12. Irish

    XBL and PSN Members Wanted!

    Well Add me anytime... GT- Shigeno x Irish I play Black Ops... Kinda all I have right now...
  13. Since I dual Screen- K-ON!! S2 - 19, and Major Season 6 episode 25(final Episode)......I rewatch some animes.... lots of spare time...
  14. Irish

    SOTW #16: Fairy Tail [Results]

    Here is my Entry Removed by staff, invalid entry, please read the theme for this week
  15. 1.7TB. looking to upgrade to 4TB
  16. Irish

    Anime .Gif Thread!

    heres some .Gifs....
  17. Irish

    SOTW #14: Music [Results]

  18. Irish

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    I got a 32gb iPod Touch(second Gen.) Barely even scratched its memory...
  19. Halo:Reach Gears of War 3 Final Fantasy IV Fable 3
  20. Irish

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The Expendables.... EPIC.... all my favorite actors in one big film... what more could you ask for...
  21. Irish


    Hey, Im new here, and Yes I'm Really Irish(I get asked alot)... I was talking with my friend and he told me to come here and check this out... So I did.. Looks really nice and all... I suck at intros so Im about to shorten it up.... 1. I Like Gaming, Editing(photos and Videos...) 2. I enjoy Manga and Anime... 3. I like forums, Get to meet some interesting people... 4. I'm Also a Baseball player and a Sig Artist... umm, if you want to know more just ask... again i suck at just saying HI... I also go by: iStarrk Uchiha Shigeno |Shigeno|