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  1. gah, arm is fucking killing me.

    1. DrumRoll


      yeah, my arm keeps trying to strangle me. But since I started wearing the tin foil hat its all been good:)

  2. sooo.... fucking... hot....

    1. Apollo
    2. Emotional Outlet

      Emotional Outlet

      we've been getting some heat too ono

  3. ugh, hate job hunting.

    1. Emotional Outlet
    2. DrumRoll


      me too. just lost family business. all the job applications don't end for MONTHS!

    3. Apollo


      Wait. Why are you hunting? I thought you just started a job.

  4. Too much work, 16 hours in a day isnt working for me.

    1. Breathless


      That's crazy! I reach my limit at 10 hours, haha. Anything more and I'm literally making so much mistakes that it's not worth it.

    2. Apollo


      Yeah, for real. And in my line of work, you really really really can't make mistakes.

    3. Irish


      Yeah, so im now on the hunt again. gonna Try Fed-ex. got a few friends that work there.

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  5. Irish

    Im not really new but yeah

    So yeah, Im not really new, but I am to some people. Ive been on a long leave and been doing stuff with my life and didnt really have time. Now I have all the time in the world. So yeah.
  6. Going to Cedar Point next weekend.!

    1. poetictragedy


      Would it be weird if I was also going to Cedar Point next weekend?

    2. DrumRoll


      I don't cedar point in going.

    3. Trend


      I want to go there so bad, I heard the roller coasters there are epic

  7. Went to a baseball game today. Shit was fun. Free food and free beer.

    1. Apollo


      Ohhhh that sounds fun. I don't drink, but free food sounds good to me!!!

    2. Trend


      Sounds like one hell of a good time! haha :D

    3. Irish


      oh it was trend, it was. LOL and it was a Triple A game, Indians vs Bulls.

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  8. My bed is calling me so hard right now.

    1. coffeeNiK


      U better give that bed the HARDEST sleep it ever got. I mean it!

    2. Irish


      I like your style.

  9. finally got around to making something new and it was for a friend.
  10. Irish

    Finally made something new.

    Yeah, Im the same, I cant quite figure it out. To me the Lighting is off(and you know how i am with lighting) the depth isnt great, and the overall feel isnt my usual. hmmm... Well im making another sig anyway but yeah, its not my best.
  11. Irish

    Watching Anime Online vs Downloading Anime

    I usually download it over watching it online. The reason is so I dont have to wait for load times/buffering. Plus I have a TON of space and really good internet speed, so I can just download entire seasons if I want. I dont mind watching it online but I prefer download.
  12. Sending out apps for jobs and playing some FFXIII-2.

    1. Irish


      Its something like a customer service job, other than that, I dont know what they do. LOL

    2. Apollo


      Haha. Well, seriously, best of luck to you. I know how rough it is out there. It's so fucking hard to find a job these days.

    3. Irish


      Thanks, and it really is. Im not kidding, I put in well over 100 apps and not a damn thing. PC Tech jobs are hard to get.

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  13. God of War 3, Yeah, I'm screwed.
  14. Well, I would be stuck in Amnesia, not too bad for me seeing as I know the layouts and hiding places.!
  15. Irish

    Scary Games?

    But yeah, Im Trying out Ib right now and its pretty fun so far.
  16. Irish

    Finally made something new.

    Thanks, I was not really "Happy" with this but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Im going to be making another siggy tonight and seeing what i can do with that.
  17. Irish

    FF X-2. Was it really THAT bad?

    I enjoyed FFX-2, from the opening scene to the music, and the clothes. Like Apollo said it was a little too upbeat and silly, but yeah.
  18. Hmmm, More God of War, or maybe some FFXIII-2?

    1. Apollo
    2. MysterySword


      God of War. FF needs to unfuck itself before it's worth playing.

    3. AxelVIII


      Don't listen to MysterySword, if SquareEnix messed up with FFXIII-2, they wouldn't still be making more. FF is always a good choice.

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  19. VERY LONG DAY, finally glad to see my bed.

    1. Dark_Angel13


      But is your bed glad to see you? :P

  20. VERY LONG DAY, finally glad to see my bed.

  21. Irish

    Im not really new but yeah

    LOL thanks. Im trying to get back into doing GFX again. I posted something up so if you want you can check that out.
  22. Irish

    Scary Games?

  23. Irish

    Scary Games?

    I like playing them for the feeling that you get. Im not the biggest fan of scary/dark things(as obvious of my artwork) but i enjoy the thrill of it. If that makes any sense.
  24. What to play? God of War 3 or FFXIII-2... hmmm