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  1. BarneyRubble

    Any one remember Biker Mice from Mars?

    I remember the original show fondly. It was kinda silly but it got very exciting at times. I recall being very invested in the characters when they revealed some of their backstories or when they traveled back to Mars. I actually re-watched a few episodes a couple of years ago when I found them by accident on YouTube and thought it still holds up pretty well.
  2. BarneyRubble

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Trying to pair up movies with similar plots or settings, featuring cats and dogs, since I recently re-watched Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright, I went ahead and watched Garfield's Fun Fest for the first time. It's pretty boring overall but I did kinda like the spiritual quest Garfield goes on and their more philosophical take on comedy (even if it's mostly played for laughs). I also didn't really care for the twist towards the end regarding Garfield's rival - it was predictable but felt kind of random (won't spoil it for those who don't know/haven't seen the movie).
  3. BarneyRubble

    The Real Jonny Quest

    I think he's referring to The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest show from the mid 90s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Real_Adventures_of_Jonny_Quest
  4. BarneyRubble

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    It's more a TV Special than an actual movie, but the last one I watched was The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone. (I started with Halloween movies a little earlier this year) It had some decent gags but overall it's pretty boring. It's funny in hindsight how throughout its run, The Flintstones had like 4 different versions of Frankenstone. If that doesn't count, I re-watched Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright over the weekend. It's a pretty fun Scooby movie, with an intriguing mystery and some very exciting stuff towards the end. Plus, neat songs.