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      [CRITICAL] DNS resolution error   03/17/2018

      We recently switched nameservers for the kametsu.com domain. The domain's registrar did not correctly handle this transition (it did not respect the zone parameters whatsoever), and this caused a DNS resolution error with some DNS resolvers (such as with Google's public DNS, ISP-run DNS resolvers, etc). If you are just now seeing this after finally being able to reconnect to the site, you have my sincerest apologies, I couldn't have anticipated that the registrar would muck the transition up. Otherwise, the site's been fully functional without issues. If there are any problems to report, please PM me.


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  1. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Seems to all be down now
  2. What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    Although its still pretty recent, I'd love to see The Last Airbender done right. It didn't do the show justice at all, and was all around a bad movie.