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  1. Just another new member

    hey nala
  2. Best Codec for Anime? H.264 or H.265?

    Philosophy Raws is an encode,you won't find an unencoded/lossless file,unless you are from the studio where the anime was created. BDMV is a good source for encoding anime,even though it is an encode.Many people (including me) won't suggest encoding someone else's encode,example,all the raw uploaders from nyaa,I am still new to this,but after doing a lot of tests, I think the reason why you should not encode others' stuff is that they already use filters from ffmpeg,VapourSynth,AviSynth,etc. So,it means,you cannot add anything else,or else the video will look shit. These are big discussions,Codecs,Filters,Encoding Settings,etc. Muxing is easy tho.
  3. Need help regarding audio

    wow your site is noice
  4. Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    ya,and it has one of the best action moments
  5. Index Page of Raiyan23's Uploads Done: DRAGON BALL SUPER BOXES 1-7 1080P 10BIT DUAL AUDIO FOR EPISODES 1-31 MOB PSYCHO 100 1080P DUAL AUDIO MOB PSYCHO 100 1080P DUAL AUDIO X265 TOKYO GHOUL BLU RAY BD 1080P DUAL AUDIO FILTERED BY MOOZZI2 X265 TOKYO GHOUL BLU RAY BD 1080P DUAL AUDIO FILTERED BY MOOZZI2 Currently Working: Boku No Hero Academia Season 1 BD Dual Audio x265 Dragon Ball Super Boxes 1-7 Filtered x265 Dragon Ball Super Boxes 1-7 x265 Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin Filtered (720p) Leopard Raws Video Source Tokyo Ghoul Root A Moozzi Video Source x265 Plan on Working: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Dual Audio 1080p No.6 Dual Audio Puella Magi Madoka Magica Dual Audio 1080p BD Attack On Titan S2 1080p BD Dual Audio(Moozzi Video Source) Sword Art Online S1 and S2 Moozzi Video Source Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Dual Audio 1080p Berserk 2016 (Maybe?)
  6. Hello everyone.I am new to this site. am gonna do some uploads so stay tuned for them
  7. Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    I am watching GIn Tama,I am at episode 120 AND I AM FUCKING LOVING IT! Just wanna see how many people like that AMAZING series Edit: Now I am at Episode 160
  8. All hail lord frieza-Ginyu Do you remember what I did to yo ass (to Frieza) in dbz movie 15?-Vegeta Hey I killed him-Goku Shut up kakarot you gay ass mofucker. Why do you always get the credit?-Vegeta Toei LOVES my ass boi-Goku
  9. hello

    WHy am I talking on such an old topic?