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  1. Even though I've become desensitized, without a single DOUBT it's definitely horror for me.
  2. As much as I want to say Tom & Jerry.. I think I'm going with Courage the Cowardly Dog. You could say I've been a "horror" fan since I was a child thanks to that show.. Really sucked when I heard they cancelled it due to complaints that it was too 'scary'. Other classics: Looney Tunes Thundercats Scooby-Doo Dexter's Laboratory Batman: TAS Pinky & The Brain Animaniacs Batman Beyond (That soundtrack!)
  3. So many places... UK, Iceland, France, Germany, Italy, & Japan, of course!
  4. Hey guys, newbie here. So a little about me, I'm 24, enjoy gaming, anime, music, mma, and raves! Only a few minutes and already enjoying this place. Love the sleek website design, very modern looking.
  5. Getting ready for Yakuza Kiwami, so re-playing and completing all the quests for Yakuza 0.
  6. Usually I research the games I like before purchasing.. One that stands out from older generations is Unlimited SaGa.. what an awful game, I wasn't too upset though as I was so hyped for the continuation of FFX that I pretty much only wanted to play the demo, lol. Anyhow! PS4 really marked the first time I truly... truly regretted some of my purchases. Watch_Dogs was one of those, super hyped games that I felt would end up living to expectations, but I was wrong.. SO wrong.. After playing it for an hour. Protagonist had no real character, + on top of sucky radio stations, & repetitive mechanics made me dump the game. I never got the motivation to beat it..t. Awful game. The other one was Destiny. Fun? I'd say for the first week or two.. but you can only play the same missions so many times before you get absolutely sick of it. Another one of those games that from trailers gave you a totally different perspective than what it actually ended up becoming. Anyways needless to say, I now take trailers with a grain of salt. Crossing my fingers that games like KH3 actually live up to the hype.
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