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  1. saehcs

    Underrated Animated Films

    April and the Extraordinary World and The Girl Without Hands. I think they just got lost in the shuffle with the other animated movies that came out when they were released. Both are definitely worth checking out.
  2. saehcs

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Pacific Rim Uprising. Didn't like it as much as the first one.
  3. I'm really fond of the My Life as a Teenage Robot opening.
  4. saehcs

    What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    first it was the toonami stuff like DBZ, yu yu hakusho, etc. Got out of it for a while, then discovered Bleach and episodes on youtube in parts which ended up restarting the spark of anime for me.
  5. saehcs

    How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    A lot of the original up to the Advanced series. Also a lot of the movies then kind of fell off after that. I still look back fondly on it though.
  6. saehcs

    Count to 100,000

  7. saehcs

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    honestly, this is the same thing that happened to me.
  8. saehcs

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    mario and luigi: bowser's inside story
  9. i'll probably end up getting this.
  10. saehcs

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Rewatching My Life as a Teenage Robot. I've always really liked this.
  11. saehcs

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    I checked out the first season of Search Party. I really liked it, I'm looking forward to watching the second season.
  12. saehcs

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    I watched the 2017 Mummy movie. It was pretty lousy.
  13. saehcs

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Song of the Sea, it was cute.
  14. saehcs

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    I've been watching through Ed, Edd n Eddy and it's been going great.