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  1. Will anyone from Kametsu do Fate Stay Heaven's feel movies? The JP bd comes out in May, though I'm not sure on USBD... :) I'm also interested in No Game no Life movie or either Mahouka retousei.. :) Curious whether they will dub Mahouka retousei movie or not, since they dismissed the entire series..  I guess if these get no dub, none from Kametsu will do them 

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    2. dorall


      That is nice to hear, :) also  kinda sad about the treatment irregular magician series received... irregular magician novel is licensed and read by many people abroad, we recently got movie and they do not even bother dubbing it lol. 

    3. Inverti


      Same could be said about the Monogatari series. It's Ishin Nishio's more successful series, yet his nicher work, Medaka Box, got a dub instead.

    4. dorall


      That is very sad.. Honestly Medaka Box manga was insane but VIZ screwed like always and did not license it. Meanwhile Medaka box anime was not so good. At least we got Monogatari Novels by Vertical now. I am also happy that Re zero is getting dubbed, hope it’s good. Oh and btw is not Heaven’s Feel shown in cinemas now? I couldn’t find any web rips for some reason, :/ 

  2. Well Railgun was very niche, so was Oratoria, though they're cool, but don't compare to it's main series. Like , I assume that they're meant for audiences that likes all girl anime, moe stuff, and plot doesn't matter. Watching full female cast cut out from the main series doing nothing significant doesn't really spark me, though it's watchable. From my perspective and research, most of the people that hated Index liked Railgun, because honestly Railgun had more ecchi scenes, though disliking main anime and liking side one which has just female characters goofing around doesn't really show someones taste of anime in a good light, especially if one claims that side story is better than the main story.As for Oratoria, then it is a must watch for any Danmachi fan, and it's not ecchi too much or whatever, but it does't have good plot and it's mainly about some unknown character- lefiya which is not really interesting to any of us. Making whole anime focusing just Lefiya to the end doesn't really make it better. I would've preferred more Aiz and better significant plot connected to the main series. At least people people that like Oratoria like and Danmachi though with Railgun and Index it's much worse, Railgun lovers just despise Index and prefer Lolis and Misakas and watch Railgun as it's the only sole story dismissing Index completely
  3. dorall

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    Sometimes , I read so much a day I forget. Especially if it's scanlations... isekai stuff, other but they tend to be not memorable and have just few chapters. I guess , I plan to read Vinland saga now fully, and read latest volume of berserk.
  4. dorall

    Yen Press or Baka-Tsuki?

    Yen Press is official american company, that publishes manga and novels translated, they do print also and do digital release trough amazon kindle, nook and further. So it depends, I guess they're comparable, but bakatsuki will probably retain honorifics and other stuff because they're fan translations . Meanwhile yenpress makes it more localized as official product for English communities, and you won't have to worry much about translation quality besides that either. I think both are sufficient to fully enjoy series, but I myself prefer official. Of course if you can't find it ripped by someone , you've then buy it online, or order through amazon in print. Also your wanted series will come out by Yenpress only in October 2017 1st Volume. The series has 7 volumes in total, and bakatsuki translated all of them already completed, meanwhile Yenpress tends to officially release like 1 volume per 2-3 months if not longer it takes for them. Why not just read bakatsuki if you want it so much? and if you like it then order through amazon or bookdepository or try to find online rip by yenpress, or buy digital on kindle. If you have no money and want yenpress luckily sometimes other people upload ebook files on nyaa and other trackers. Of course having printed book is the best, as it doesn't strain eyes for me as much I recently can't find any time for novels, as am too distracted, even though i've a lot of time sadly:(
  5. dorall

    Granblue Fantasy The Animation

    Any suggestions for similar anime to watch? Honestly maybe this is not worth a db release even if it's not that good, unless it gets season 2 and during it the character evolves more. I'm a huge fan of fantasy theme, demons, elfs etc, liked Gate , Bahamut, Densetsu no yusha and further. Interesting whether there's anything more to pick up to archive. Great review by the way! I've only read manga of Gran Blue yet and checked the artbook with characters guide, it seemed kinda ok but nothing special. I can say that characters are very nicely designed, but yeah the story didn't have any kick in manga either. From your review it seems like the plot you described could've been really put into just few episodes.. but not 70 percent of the show's footage... Also since aniplex licensed it , then most likely if it gets an USA release then it might've not a dub even... and aniplex pgs subtitles are kinda pixelated from what, I remember back in the past
  6. Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I' am a fellow new member, active anime and manga fan that's been reading/watching it for over 10 years. I'm honored to join this nice community:) being on website is not new for me, because I also have nya, baka account and further. Didn't expect this website and it's community too look so good! I'll update my profile accordingly in the mean of time