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  1. Any chance of a tutorial? I have the programs but a quick picture tutorial beginning to end from install to download would really help.
  2. gamerpigeon

    How to Record or Download HiDive 1080P Quality?

    Any chance of some more indepth instructions or a video tutorial? I've tried to do this using the software linked and it does nothing. Comments in this thread from make it seem it's far more complicated than just using the basic url. I have youtube-dl as well but also only got error returned for that too.
  3. Any chance of you ripping Urashiman from HiDive?

    1. Golumpa


      Its unlikely 

    2. gamerpigeon


      Ah Okay. Thanks for the reply.

  4. gamerpigeon

    How to Record or Download HiDive 1080P Quality?

    I have the downloaders (both though they are also both identical) and I also have a HiDive account but everytime I go to download a video it just fails. I don't get why this is happening to me but not to others. Like am I missing something? You made it sound like you just pasted in the url and hit download?
  5. Any chance of you sharing the Resynced Maison Ikkoku Eng Audio in your MEGA folder with the 12 episodes you did? It'd be a great help.

  6. gamerpigeon

    The Saga of Tanya the Evil recommendation

    I enjoyed the series. Seeing magic added to the world war II warfare was a fun idea and really nicely animated. I also thought the scenes with Being X were fantastic. I wish the story was more fulfilling overall but it's still a solid watch and I agree is very much recommended.