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  1. Super Kal

    What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Dragon Ball Z was the first anime i ever saw, and it's still relatively the only anime i watch... first exposure for me was right before Toonami became a big hit on Cartoon network
  2. Super Kal

    Best free antivirus?

    CCleaner is a good one, i have used that in the past... but i would also recommend some adware blockers as well while you surf the web
  3. Super Kal

    anyone else not see the appeal of steven universe

    you're not the only one... steven universe, adventure time, gumball, regular show, teen titans go... they all look so, just ugh... we need more cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Kids, Codename Kids Next Door, the original powerpuff girls and Teen Titans... these were all so classic, and, in my personal opinion, very well done when compared to the shows they air today
  4. Super Kal

    Best free antivirus?

    the two that i use are AVG free and Spybot search and destroy for everything else...
  5. Super Kal

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    the 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon
  6. Super Kal

    Dbz Dragon box 2017

    i know of a reddit link where it hosts the Ocean Dub of DBZ, but i dont know if I'm allowed to post it here.
  7. i used torrents for a bit, but when my internet company shut me down, i started doing direct downloads only... i miss the torrents though. i would use them again, but i have no idea how to keep myself hidden... ive heard of VPNs but i have no idea what those are and i dont have the slightest clue to use it as far as the others go, like XDCC and IRC, i have absolutely no idea what those mean...
  8. Super Kal

    New Star Trek Series To Start 2017

    this show might of been a huge hit if it had been on regular television, but since it's only going to air on CBS All Access, i honestly dont think it will do well. i like Star Trek, but I'm not going to buy a channel just for one show
  9. hello, Mr. Kimiko, i was just wondering if you still have Dragonball Z in dual audio. i saw your post, and the links no longer work. i was hoping you could re-upload them, because since my hard drive got fried, i've been trying to find a place where i can get it again.

    any help would be appreciated

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    2. Super Kal

      Super Kal

      im curious, what do you mean by your own version?

      i apologize if I am bothering you about this

    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Me and my team will be encoding Dragon Ball. From the Dragon Boxes.

    4. Super Kal

      Super Kal

      oh, okay. well, im looking forward to your work then :)

  10. Super Kal

    Recommend good comics

    i never really could get into funny comics, to be honest... i tried getting into them, and i'll admit, some of them are pretty funny, but a lot of the stuff kinda grossed me out... i remember one panel where a guy was popping a zit in the mirror, and it kept popping, and he drowned in the pus ... really grossed me out
  11. Super Kal

    Recommend good comics

    Death of Superman is good, but it doesnt give really any background on the people that are involved Superman wise: for a good origin story, i would personally suggest John Byrne's 1986 mini-series and World of Krypton. for something more modern, you could go with Superman: Secret Origin (i love this series, and the art is beautiful) i've heard Superman Birthright is pretty good, but i've never personally read it. if you want more modern overall, the rebirth series is really good Batman wise: the Knightfall series- im not a big batman fan, but i love this series the DC52 era, i guess the rebirth stuff is pretty good flash wise: the 2006 Rebirth series and the current rebirth series... the 2006 Rebirth series delved into everything that brought flash into the modern era, and it's what the new show pulls from ofr its lore wonder woman wise: the 1986 reboot. the movie takes some of the concepts from this series green Lantern wise: brightest day, blackest night, but read Sinestro corps first... Sinestro sorps is kinda like the foundation of what happens in brightest day
  12. Super Kal

    Supergirl (2015 TV Series)

    to be honest, i didnt see much in the first season... a little, yes, but not the extension that it was in the second season plus, even some of the actors on the show are starting to grow wary of how certain characters are being handled... Dave Harewood said that he was not impressed on how they handled the Cyborg Superman character
  13. Super Kal

    Cartoon Network is Reairing the old Teen Titans

    oh man, i loved that show so much... i dont have cable anymore so im hoping i can catch it through here if someone DVRs it or something
  14. Super Kal

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    modern: Batman Arkham Knight Sniper Elite IV Skyrim Special Edition Star Trek Online vintage: Super Mario Bros 3 Super Mario World Super Smash Bros Melee Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Star Wars: Rogue Squadron