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  1. LighteningOne

    Game Giveaway #001: Call of Duty WWII

    Definitely. Let's get this giveaway finish first since many have noticed that there is few participants here although I can understand that most people might not go for this specific game giveaway due to weak (aka potato) computer or many already have it. Maybe next time we might do like a voting poll or something idk but there are many possibilities. As of Office 365, it is a 1 year/ 1 user key. So, when the time comes, this will be up for giveaway after this one is done. All I want is spread the word for this giveaway as much as you can because that will ensure a wide range of participation in this.
  2. LighteningOne

    Game Giveaway #001: Call of Duty WWII

    Hmm...Never thought people would react this way for a giveaway. Oh well, I won't say much in this then everyone's opinion matters. I'm planning on a giveaway of Office 365 - 1 User Key. So @GideonWrath , if you think this is worth your participation them by the guest. @NeutralHatred agreed! I should've started with something like windows OEM keys. Nevermind, I can only provide. The rest is @Koby's decision.
  3. LighteningOne

    Anime Archiving: 1080p or 720p

    For me, it's series dependent. I also agree with @Koby 's choice. The wow factor is no doubt my weak spot here. Primarily, 1080p will be my go if the series are done visually great. Otherwise i'll go slave-mode with 720p which I try to avoid at any cost.
  4. LighteningOne

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I have finished Leon's story part. Presently, Claire's is on-going. I must say this remake did justice to its original game. The best part is the Tyrant (many call him Mr. X). All in all, I'm very much enjoying this game a lot. Gonna try a speedrun if my memory keeps up along Mr. X chasing me. lol The nightmare it delivers is pretty overwhelming. I started playing this remake with headset both ears covered and then I realised my mistake and now I'm currently playing with one ear uncovered.
  5. LighteningOne

    Game Giveaway #001: Call of Duty WWII

    Goodluck Peeps!
  6. LighteningOne

    Status Quo

    Honestly, I don't care about certain section of our community forum got removed due to these recent turn of events. I'm glad to see everyone back here. That's all it matters. I know and understand many of us are disappointed about it (that section of our community forum got removed) but hey! we got each other and so there is room for improvisations and optimism. This year started rough is all I can say. But @IkarosBD and @Koby didn't lose their faith and not to forget the respective mods and staffs for their day and night to keep us updated of every now and then situation. It's a new beginning of the year. Each one of us can bring new ideas and content (not that content for now lol). Just wanna say thank you to every behind the scene people for bringing such content irrespective of ranks. I was never this motivated before but that's just me. Just do what you're good at and we are with you. Peace.
  7. LighteningOne

    Hey! WELCOME ME :D

    I`m new here and hope to get to know others here