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  1. Is it worth it when a newer one might come out? Couldn't you say that about anything tho? PS5 comes out, why bother getting that when the Xbox Two will be out soon? Xbox Two just came out, pah lets wait for a PS6! Better yet just get a PC you can upgrade that all you want:P
  2. The Xbox One X is objectively better than the PS4 Pro is hardware wise. If its utilised properly any game should look and run better on it.
  3. When I say fine I'm hardly praising it, fine is like... a bland meal, its acceptable. I've done extensive tests with x265 and found the results always lacking, even with cartoons. I personally would never use x265, for anything unless I had to... like 4K But I admit its great if you care only about filesize
  4. From my experience, x265 is worse no matter what i've tried. I've tried all sorts of different settings, speeds. Compared images side by side. x265 continuously blurs away detail when I don't want it to. I'm sure its fine for cartoons and anime, but live action stuff I have found x265 is just plain worse. Not to mention it is incredibly slow.
  5. You do realize the irony of posting that in a thread thats been dead for more than a year, right?
  6. I would never choose anything below the maximum available resolution if I had the choice. 720p might look good now but what about 10, 20 years from now? Getting 1080p future proofs you a little bit more.
  7. The 'free radicals' thing sounds as ridiculous to me as anything else. It won't get you now but it could potentially get you later, maybe... so in other words you might eventually get cancer from something. Isn't that kind of true for any activity you take part in? Better not play hopscotch, theres chemicals in the chalk that might probably maybe kill you 80 years from when you touched it! Microwaves have to have shielding to make them safe, Without that shielding you'd be exposed to what its doing if you stood near it. Honestly, what doesn't cause cancer these days? You'd be paralyzed with fear if you took it all seriously.
  8. I've been able to get itunes 10.7 to play 720p videos from the newer itunes before, if that still works I'll be fine with that They're just making it not work for Windows xp and vista anymore, itunes 12 onward already work on 7 so I suspect nothing will change for us Still I might buy some stuff off itunes before that date just to be safe
  9. Pretty much. I was going to mention that actually
  10. Its sad that a girl killed herself over that - It was obviously real to her, but I still don't buy that its possible to be harmed by WiFi. Its sad but there's got to have been something else going on there... This is what i'd classify as a Mental Health issue, the mind is a powerful thing that can convince itself of anything. Anything I can easily believe someone could get it into their head that Wifi, a thing that's everywhere in modern society is causing them harm. Your brain can make something real that isn't real. If you believe hard enough WiFi is hurting you, you will act like it does. If it is a real thing that could definitely cause you harm you'd expect there to be a much higher rate of people claiming harm You could find an article on any crackpot idea - but i'll just quote something from the second article linked:
  11. I would think that would be big news if it was even remotely true, theres rumors of all sorts of ridiculous claims on the Internet Pretty much anything you can think of, someone believes. Lets create one for fun: what if the sky is blue because the government pumps mind control gas into the air... Wake up sheeple
  12. It does if you're the sort of person who believes the earth is flat
  13. Happy birthday 

    1. EccentricOne
    2. DRX


      Happy birthday bud, sorry it's a bit late but things have been hectic lately. Hope you enjoyed your day :D

    3. DJStarfish


      Happy belated birthday!

  14. Wouldn't changing your password be enough? I mean they can't really do anything with the account if they can't login to it
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