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  1. Digital is better, no contest. I rip my blurays and its so much easier to access my content over my network than go to shelf, find exact disc with thing I want.. Put it in... Wait for menus, select episode Vs double clicking my media drive and then show name and episode I'm lazy
  2. Different rant, last one was me being stupid My 2nd Xperia z4 tablet self destructed, piece of shit. I'm using my trusty z2 and it still works The z4 is hot garbage
  3. That's more about about content already out in the wild Plus its not within my control to stop freegrabapp from making their tool and I'll repeat what I said again: It is a cat and mouse game. It literally does not matter what Netflix does, people WILL break it again.
  4. I sent them an email a month ago asking for playlist downloading - today I got an email response with my email added in for some reason saying they're adding 1080p support in november Be neat if true As for DRM, its a cat and mouse game. Netflix will fix it, crackers will break it again, and then netflix will fix it again etc the wheel keeps turning, don't worry about it.
  5. I've been a bit less actively lately due to some health problems. Sorry about that - I'll try to get something done soon

  6. Nevermind
  7. I never understood why it matters to anyone what you do in the comfort of your own home, There are plenty of people who will pass judgement on you for a variety of reasons including still watching cartoons intended for children. "Oh, you watch a kids cartoon? Grow up!" and to that I say, why should I? I need a more cogent argument than that and quite frankly I don't believe anyone can provide me with a satisfactory one. Even shows intended for really young kids, what is the harm in an adult finding enjoyment in that? The harm comes in if you start to obsessively build your life around things to the exclusion of all other things sure, but there are Game of Throne fanatics who take their love of their dragon show way too far as well. I'm 33, I am quite happy to consume ANY sort of media, I honestly don't care what it is - if it entertains me I find value in it.
  8. To be fair there isn't anything to know... it works with itunes 10.7 and rips 720p or lower videos I still use it, to get 100% lossless 1080p content. Get the 1080p video with a newer tool and get the audio with the older tool, as the newer tool can't losslessly get the aac audio track for some reason It'd be nice if requiem could work with newer itunes even if it still only got 720p videos
  9. Hdclub apparently retutned as EliteHd... Awesome. I still can't get register tho :P



  10. Its not 100% lossless but mkvcutter can cut mkv's together pretty well it only encodes what it has to encode, we're talking just a couple of frames tho.
  11. I think the reasons are to prevent Amazon from doing anything about it quickly due to everyone and their dog having the ability to break their system. I highly doubt amazon is just scratching their asses right now tho, they know their system is vulnerable Its also an excuse to make a ton of money with exclusivity, so wouldn't be surprised if it has built in call home to check if its allowed to work
  12. If the show has a fan wiki they will usually know the correct episode order, for instance Teen Titans wiki Failing that i'll go by Production order, or TV airing order is failing that If the show has an ongoing story thread its easy enough to tell by watching it what order the episodes should be in, if the order doesn't effect that then it isn't much of a problem what order you decide to put them in
  13. TunesKit can rip 1080p videos, I found I had to downgrade my iTunes to 12.0.1 for it to work recently but it definitely works You should be able to find a copy of it for free with a crack easily enough, but I can provide you with a copy if you want me to. I use a combination of TunesKit to get 1080p video and Requiem to get the audio However if they include AC3 audio you don't have to bother with that step, its only AAC audio that gets re-encoded Remuxing is pretty straightforward, just use mkvtoolnix to remux the audio from a requiem rip into the 1080p rip and you've got yourself a completely lossless drm-free copy Its a hassle to go that extra step but its worth it imo Alternatively you can give someone you trust temporary access to your iTunes account and let them rip it in 1080p for everyone
  14. I'm a little bit insulted by Disney UK's new "Disney Life" streaming service. I see no quality settings anywhere and shows that should be HD aren't. 


    First second of every episode of something: block city.


    Not going to bother with that then. In a world with 4K i'm genuinely shocked by how poor the quality is. Its not even 720p!

    1. Symb


      It's typical of disney.. I expect nothing more.

    2. Abandoned


      Just another proof that pirates offer a better service, not just a cheaper one

    3. Symb


      If they really wanted to stop piracy they should just provide the content worldwide at affordable rates and make it easily accessible and release it as soon as possible...

  15. Yeah I know, I misspoke. Given it got recommended in the thread I thought it was appropriate to at least warn people about the malware thing. Seems to be resolved now, can only hope they don't let it happen again