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  1. Why would DawnShadow keeps spamming by liking my posts and yours too?

    1. EccentricOne


      I have no idea, I guess he just likes us? Ask him :P

  2. How to rip videos from Familygo.ca

    Haha, I figured this would be how it was done. Never could get past the Canadian TV provider part tho, that's the true challenge. Bit hard to get one of those if you're not a canadian Thanks.
  3. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that possibly won't work in a week. If I could get it cheap or free I'd be interested. I fail to see the point of making tools exclusive to a few people. If more people had it, we'd have more people sharing ripped stuff. The usual answer to this is "but X will patch it faster!"... Will they now? As if Netflix isn't already aware of your tool or Flixgrab and already working on countermeasures. Even though I am willing to go along with keeping such a thing exclusive if I have to, nobody is willing to trust anyone with the things. Must maintain... ego, if more people have tool I will be less... important! No offence but i'd rather throw my money into a fire than pay for that thing. This is a money making scheme, nothing more.
  4. Ripping from Amazon Video

    Yes, I have. Doesn't work.
  5. Ripping from Amazon Video

    Windows Kodi, I don't have the faintest clue what you'd have to do to get it to work on a Raspberry Pi, if it even works on that
  6. Why Do We Want to Bypass DRM From iTunes Videos?

    Alincary your entire post history here is talking about how awesome itune drm removal programs are, its not like we aren't aware of this information and I'm reasonably sure you are a shill for one of them. You may even be a bot for all I know because you don't seem to be aware the first post you made is gone which emoves all context from your replies.
  7. Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

    Star Trek. It has by far more quality movies and tv shows. Where-as Star Wars is very hit and miss after the original Trilogy. I like them both. I kinda take issue with the point where you said Star Trek doesn't have good special effects.... uh, thats wrong. Especially with the newer movies, and the effects were good at the time for the shows.
  8. True, but I have trouble buying specific things like videos from Amazon US from here. Would be nice if you could use gift cards but it doesn't let you
  9. Of course you can't, nobody trusts anyone. Which makes it difficult for me to trust anyone, this works both ways. Fair enough though. Pretty much everything you've listed is available in better quality already Disney Life is equivalent to a really badly encoded youtube 360p video, they spared every expense. I wish I was joking
  10. I live in the UK and can get that stuff - trouble is I've been burned before by people asking for my account info so i'm not really interested in risking my account that way. After a certain incident i'm not willing to give anyone direct access to my accounts. If you let me in on your method i'd be willing to get the stuff for you though, I don't think you will though but I can make that offer as unlikely as I think it is that you'd accept it. Unless you can access the stuff without my direct login. Disney life is barely worth bothering with btw, the quality is atrocious. Anything in particular Disney Life has that you are interested with? That might get the interest of other people in the UK and give you some other options
  11. Ripping from Amazon Video

    It is a pain but I'd still rather do it that way than rely on people with an ego You're welcome. I heard flixgrabs people are working on Amazon too, I hope so.
  12. Ripping from Amazon Video

    Ah ripping from Amazon, what a pain in the butt. Little rant: Here's the only reliable way that I've found to get a decent rip: https://github.com/Sandmann79/xbmc Smooth video playback, no need to mess with the mpd file to get the highest quality video because it just plays. You have to record it as it plays though so its not the ideal way to do it.
  13. Ripping cartoons is srs bsns

    1. Badguys


      If it's serious, then why is it not restricted to VIP?  Also, Live-Action is more serious than this.

  14. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Step 1: Use a youtube region checker https://unblockvideos.com/youtube-video-restriction-checker/ Step 2: Find a VPN for the regions that the video allows, if it doesn't work youtube have obviously blocked the IP or your VPN has a DNS leak Step 3: Use JDownloader2 to download your video once you can get it to play on your browser I use ExpressVPN to get things, it works quite well. If you want to sign up to that lemme know because if you use my refer link we both can get 30 days extra for free.
  15. Good news everyone! There's a report on TV with some very bad news!

    1. DJStarfish
    2. EccentricOne


      A reference :P 




    3. DRX