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  1. EccentricOne

    Methods for ripping from iTunes?

    4k stuff is usually released on 4k blurays, which are rippable. and usually ripped... look for that first to ensure you're not wasting the time screencapping em
  2. EccentricOne

    Methods for ripping from iTunes?

    iTunes rippers can rip lossless video and ac3 tracks, for some reason none of them can rip the aac track losslessly. That is the only major drawback you can still get the 720p version of a video, move that over and import to an older itunes 10.7 and use requiem to get the lossless aac track if you really want it using this combination I can do completely lossless itunes. I don't typically bother if theres a surround sound track though
  3. EccentricOne

    Methods for ripping from iTunes?

    Tuneskit can do it, theres a free version of tuneskit floating around that still works.
  4. EccentricOne

    How download on Amazon?

    ^I agree with the sentiment, but Kametsu is way too public. So if everyone worked together and the solution got too popular then nobody could rip these sites as I will explain below... People act like defeating these DRMs is easy, maybe for some people it is but for most of us it isn't. A few people ripping say Netflix is a nuisance but nothing they need to worry about, thousands or millions of people ripping Netflix and now they've got a problem. The worry is them rebuilding their system, if Kametsu wasn't so publicly accessible maybe it'd be safe to openly discuss these things. I have zero issue with people sharing a tool but it should be in the hands of the right people, that is the problem. Things can be on total lockdown because of the paranoia of a thing potentially being leaked and ultimately becoming worthless because Amazon can't ignore a HUGE problem like that. Remember: We're trying to poke a hole in a massive companies security system, of course they're going to want to patch it!! There should be a middle ground but there isn't, hence why any public thread discussing how to defeat Netflix or Amazon is ultimately detrimental to the cause... Remember, if you can see it, so can Amazon/Netflix. You wanna know what pisses me off more than anything? Braggers. I would never reveal what I can do to anyone, I don't see the point. It invites trouble. So what I can do, maybe everything, maybe nothing ... who is to say. Not willing to share your tool? Either for good or bad reasons? Fine. Then shut up about it - or at least offer to rip something for us. I also agree this thread should be locked.
  5. EccentricOne

    How download on Amazon?

    Amazon is incredibly difficult to break. We know that much.
  6. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I don't think people should be so flippant about this, to be honest. Spreading that only makes it a bigger problem for Netflix which will eventually cause them to do something about it.
  7. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Oh well. Most of the good stuff on Netflix has been ripped by someone already otherwise If Flixgrab still works use that for now, its better than nothing i'll look into Netflix again later, honestly its kind of a waste of time right now because every single fix recently has been broken again within hours and i'm sick of answering questions in PM about it. Netflix is either rolling out some update like more VP9 support or actively breaking what we've got, so i'd prefer to wait and see for a bit
  8. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I hate to say it but with the frequency in which we've had to patch this bloody thing its quite clear Netflix must be actively fighting the thing.
  9. EccentricOne

    Encoding PAL to NTSC

    If you re-encode with flac you won't get any quality loss tho, and mkvtoolnix for the video means its also lossless. Honestly the resolution thing is a non issue because full screen or windowed unless you super human vision you're not going to notice a difference. It's one of those times I'd suggest to stop looking at numbers The other time is like those people who moan about 1912x1976 res videos like they're the worst thing ever when there's no way they could see a difference.
  10. EccentricOne

    Encoding PAL to NTSC

    Depends what the final format is, if its just going to be an mkv you can use mkvtoolnix to set the video track framerate you will have to reencode the audio though, megui can do that
  11. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

  12. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I figured out how to fix my tool, i'll drop a massive hint on anyone who still wants a fix... it has to do with profiles... profffilleess. I thought about asking but I doubted anyone would tell me, so tracked it down myself.
  13. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    To be fair it worked for 6 months after someone leaked it so thats not entirely true, netflix or amazon can't magically flip a switch to break the tools. Plus they'll break either way, the main reason people won't share amazon or Netflix tools is because people like having things other people don't Look at them, they can rip amazon, they're hot shit! Theres plenty of people who can be trusted with the ability but people are too paranoid or egotistical and thus hurts their own cause in the end. More rippers means more content. I have the money and time to rip a ton of shit (not having the tool probably does me a favor) while as someone else with a tool might not have the time or money. Woo.
  14. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    NFTool appears to be broken indeed, also Chromes 1080p plugin. Hmm.
  15. EccentricOne

    Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

    Is it worth it when a newer one might come out? Couldn't you say that about anything tho? PS5 comes out, why bother getting that when the Xbox Two will be out soon? Xbox Two just came out, pah lets wait for a PS6! Better yet just get a PC you can upgrade that all you want:P