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  1. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    We are already aware of your app, your advertisement was pointless Had you announced you released the new version you promised late november I'd have honestly been genuinely excited. Thanks anyway/ edit: Looks like the ad post got deleted, good job mods!
  2. Woo 666 likes, I am the embodiment of evil!

    1. sfaxt


      you used to be:P

    2. EccentricOne


      Damnit, i had temporary absolute evil power too

  3. [DONATE] King of the Hill Complete Series DVD/Blu-Ray rips

    I think you will underestimate the interest but I clicked it Says pending approval
  4. ATLA released on iTunes in 1080p

    yes, we are aware:
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender HD WEB-DL

    The whole series is here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/avatar-the-last-airbender-the-complete-series/id1310930993 If you were going to get all 3 seasons on iTunes you'd be better off buying that because its $30 cheaper than buying them seperately.
  6. Netsuzou Trap Blu Rays

    I'm not surprised either, its like 120 bucks for 12 episodes .. and yikes they're really short too Hope it turns up tho, good luck
  7. Another day in which I accomplish nothing

  8. God damnit Megasync, you had ONE JOB!

    1. ElementalCards


      The fact that they intentionally cap upload speeds is disgusting. Even with Fios' Gigabit Connection doesn't help much.

  9. Looking for ANY episode of Yuna and Stitch (or as its known in the US: Stitch! Best Friends Forever) Season 3 in 720p or 1080p preferably where it has the english Logo For example my rip has a Russian one: (In case you're wondering, my rips audio is English just a few lingering russian text on screen :P) Looking for the above but with: Even if it has the Disney logo on it in the corner I can use it, I can merge the russian image with the tvrip. A TVRip would be fine as long as the quality is clear enough, I only want the opening credits. My goal is to make a 100% english version out of my Russian version with video editing. The other way of going about this is to frame by frame remove the russian but I'd prefer to get a real english copy of that scene. I only need one episode to make this project feasible and not even the whole episode, only the first minute of an episode. Has to be from Stitch! Best Friends Forever, because Season 01-2 has a completely different opening credits sequence. - If you're wondering about me having any trouble englishifying the other russian elements behold: Russian text removed, pay no mind to the little glitch at the end I will of course share the end result with you.
  10. Upcoming releases: Spider Riders iTunes Web-DL. Transformers Animated Season 2 and misc other small uploads.


    Stay tuned, or not. I'm a penguin.

    1. Inverti


      Spider Riders is out! YEEEEESSS!!! Rejoice!! 

    2. EccentricOne


      gotta love software randomly fucking up, mega uploader stating files that exist on my hard drive don't exist anymore and cancelling all my transfers


      well thanks Mega Uploader. Resumed.


      I have to sleep now, hopefully I can trust it to finish what its doing

  11. Blu-ray content shouldn't be interlaced in the first place, should already be Progressive content with no interlacing. If it looks interlaced it might've already been de-interlaced... poorly Use MakeMKV to extract from the bluray disc and use Mediainfo and find out about it
  12. Spider Riders ITunes rip

    The difference is I just bought them directly on amazon and gave him the login *shrug* I dunno man, I tried my best This is a messy situation
  13. Spider Riders ITunes rip

    The Tom and Jerry thing is something he asked me for actually but I wanted it too so I just bought it and said all I wanted was for it to be ripped. That goes back only a month. So the situation with my thing is different, it only needs to be ripped and uploaded. Its not going to cost him anything to do so, only time. My involvement in this spider riders thing only goes back a week and I only know basically what you know at this point.
  14. Spider Riders ITunes rip

    By the way The tom and jerry thing that he mentioned is already bought (by me I might add), I am having him rip them from Amazon for me. They're already sitting on my Amazon account so its not a repeat of this situation. I want to see him deliver on that thing first before I commit to loaning money on this thing, I think you'll understand why given the current situation I don't think its an unreasonable request given its not costing him anything to finish Tom and Jerry Tales If you're wondering why I didn't mention that before, I only heard about it the other day and I didn't want to cause any more Drama.