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  1. EccentricOne

    3D Blu-Ray Burn?

    Only way you can do that is with an actual 3d bluray iso. No side by side stuff. I burnt a lot of them over the years, usually on a BD50 disc. 3D Bluray's are typically ones which have 2 separate tracks, 1 normal and a second with the differences from the first which is why you can watch most 3d bluray discs in 2d Side by side converts both of those tracks into one track, so unless the PS4 has the ability to recognize side by side in some way (like manually configuring it) its never going to work You might be able to compress one to fit on a bd25 disc but i've never tried it. Unless theres software that can convert a side by side back into a 3d bluray disc but I have never seen such a thing. tl;dr you need a copy of an original 3d bluray disc, probably better off just buying them at this point. Some of them are pretty cheap because 3D flopped as a concept.
  2. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I don't know why people keep asking, they won't share the tool with you. Theres literally nothing to be gained from sharing such things publicly. Just learn to webrip, the analog hole can never be patched, don't listen to the snobs who bad mouth webripping The reason webrips are maligned is because when you get a bad webrip its obvious. A good one people don't even take a second thought at. Quite a lot of things marked as web-dls are actually webrips. obviously like anyone else I'd like an easier way to do it but I'm not going to wait on a pink elephant to show up and hand it to me.
  3. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    You shouldn't have to teach anyone anything, if you've got a working tool just give it to the people you trust, why on earth do you guys waste so much time re-inventing the wheel? From what I saw your group makes everyone re-discover the same goddamn information, or build their own version of the tool from scratch. That's not the way human knowledge is shared in any other situation, imagine if it was. Henry Ford builds one of the first cars ever, someone asks him if they can have one and he responds: You can but you'll have to build the whole thing yourself, and I won't provide any useful information . Literally re-invent the engine I just built only then will I share with you how to build the car frame. I literally saw you people giving cryptic information to other people like "Build an interface", when other people have done that already, I mean come on now. All people want to do is rip some TV shows, not sequence the fucking human genome. All I know is i'm glad human civilization doesn't work with your backwards philosophy. I honestly couldn't care less about ripping Amazon anymore, I just find the attitudes of some people laughable
  4. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Look, everyone. Just give up chasing this. You are WASTING your time. With the time you've spent begging assholes on the internet for these tool, you could've just web-ripped the damn things. Or Asked someone else to do it for you. Its not that hard and you don't have to kiss anyone's ass. If there ever was a metaphor for a wild goose chase this is it. carry on this path if you wish, but you're only in for disappointment.
  5. EccentricOne

    H.264 vs H.265

    When I say fine I'm hardly praising it, fine is like... a bland meal, its acceptable. I've done extensive tests with x265 and found the results always lacking, even with cartoons. I personally would never use x265, for anything unless I had to... like 4K But I admit its great if you care only about filesize
  6. EccentricOne

    H.264 vs H.265

    From my experience, x265 is worse no matter what i've tried. I've tried all sorts of different settings, speeds. Compared images side by side. x265 continuously blurs away detail when I don't want it to. I'm sure its fine for cartoons and anime, but live action stuff I have found x265 is just plain worse. Not to mention it is incredibly slow.
  7. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I admire your persistence but nobody is ever going to share that with us
  8. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Sigma's contains 2 versions of the movie where-as NTG is split in half presumably by mkvtoolnix, and both are constant bitrate.
  9. EccentricOne


    You do realize the irony of posting that in a thread thats been dead for more than a year, right?
  10. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Worrying about that is like worrying that you're going to be hit by a meteor, its patently ridiculous. Its not going to happen. The analog hole is impossible to patch.
  11. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    You're protecting a way to screencap edge? really? XD The analog hole is unpatchable, theres a lot of ways you can do a screencap of edge Here's one that I know of, HDMI out to a capture box like an elgato and back in, you can literally record your PC's video output this way if you want to But honestly I don't know why you'd bother screencapping Edge when its publicly known you can get Amazon through Kodi, and its much easier to cap that than Edge Plus what is even the advantage to capping Amazon through Edge? Amazon plays 1080p through Chrome even... If its Netflix even Flixgrab is better than doing a screencap Honestly, what is even the point of discussing this if people are going to withhold knowledge of the FREAKING analog hole. I could tell you about OBS but then i'd have to kill you all This thread truly is a complete waste of time.
  12. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Given WVDownloader 1.7.8 was floating around (Doesn't work either) you can be damn near certain 1.0.9 won't work either
  13. EccentricOne

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Run it throigh mkvtoolnix too, this fixes the files. You'll get an error every 100ms thats stream tag info
  14. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Stating it is illegal like it is a fact kind of bugs me, Its not quite that simple, circumventing DRM is perfectly legal under many situations. I would like some evidence of that claim. Especially given the project in question, barely anyone here got it to even do anything and the project the code was based on, a Kodi video plugin still remains online
  15. EccentricOne

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    looks like the author of that deleted it - it definitely was there.