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  1. I tried that link. No seeders whatsoever. Also the 1959-72 cartoons weren't released on dvd. All they have is Portuguese or Russian versions.
  2. dunkle93

    Simpsons Go for the Gold

    Does anyone have this comic? I could only find a German version of it. I want English of course.
  3. The old woody woodpecker cartoons would be from 1959-1972 specifically
  4. Hey Everyone, Does anyone have all 192 woody woodpecker cartoons in English and the new woody woodpecker show in English as well?
  5. dunkle93

    [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Can you reupload new yogi bear show?
  6. dunkle93

    Linkin Park's future

    So what does everyone here think about Chester Bennington's death?