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  1. Those two names are nowhere near anagrams of each other... ^^;;
  2. I'm gonna go with FFIX. I could probably play that game with my eyes closed... figuratively speaking, of course.
  3. Of course I beat it! My first playthrough was a breeze, though I'll admit to getting hung up on Yunalesca. ^^;; I tried to play a second time, and I accidentally overwrote my save file when I was almost to the end of the game. The third time, I got to the Calm Lands before getting bored out of my mind. So there you have it.
  4. My favorite movie is... National Treasure! I'm not a big movie person, so... that's it, yeah.
  5. Zexion's definately an interesting character. He's one of my other favorites, along with Larxene. I thought the ones played out in CoM were just much more interesting that the ones in KH2.
  6. I've seen a little arguing going on about this subject in other topics and thought I'd put it up for itself. Who's everyone's favorite Organization XIII member? My favorite member is Axel. He has such a fiery spirit, and great motives. He always kept me on edge... wondering what he was going to do next. And sacrificing himself for Sora was really a great move to me. He was so sweet about it. I never expected it. I really didn't think much of him in Chain of Memories, but as time progressed he grew on me. I think I may have teared up a bit when he died.
  7. I love all the FFVI quotes that have been listed. Here are a few of mine, not including those... "The spell is actually much longer, but the eidolon asked me to hurry it up." - Eiko "Life fears death, but lives only to die." - Necron
  8. They're all so pretty... I vote for AutoPlay.
  9. Cucumber


    Hello and welcome to Forgotten Memories! I've seen you posting around alot, so I think you'll fit in really well here. And good luck with that sibling problem.
  10. I'd just gotten a PS2 for Christmas, and we had two really crappy games for it. Then I went over to a friend's house for a birthday party, and I got bored of all their crazy stuff so I found her little brother playing Kingdom Hearts in another room. He was still on Destiny Island, and was trying to beat Selphie and losing horribly. So I sat down and did it on my first try. This was really good for me, because I pretty much sucked back then. Anyway, I loved this game so much that I begged my mom to get it for me the next weekend. After playing a few hours into it, I learned that a few characters were from a series called 'Final Fantasy.' The next time we went to Wal-Mart, I found FFX. Hooked ever since. <3
  11. Cucumber

    Top 5 Games

    1. Final Fantasy IX 2. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 3. Kingdom Hearts I 4. Final Fantasy X 5. Star Ocean: Til the End of Time However, those first four are VERY close. What mood I'm in determines their order. And let's see if I can figure up a 6-10. I've never thought that much about these... 6. Animal Crossing 7. Kingdom Hearts II 8. Tales of Symphonia 9. Baten Kaitos Origins 10. The Sims 2 (PC)
  12. Six total games!?! Holy crap! Well, if some of them come out for different consoles I guess it's not quite so ridiculous. Haha. Sony losing it's exclusiveness to the main series? I'm a Nintendo Fangirl, so all the better for me. Are the different games' plots different?
  13. Well... I don't know how these things have worked out before... but I think Private Rooms sound interesting. However, Fan Clubs sounds like a waste of time. I mean, why not just put it open to everyone? It's not like anyone who doesn't like that stuff will be posting there anyway. Maybe I'm just not getting it, though. You're right about the roleplaying section needing a little work... I'd love to roleplay a little here, but the way it's set up isn't very user-friendly. Adding an OOC/Sign-up section as well as a Profile section would organize things a bit. Site reviews sounds like it would encourage more activity, so I'd go for it. It's not like I have my own forum or would be able to rate... but I'm sure there are alot of people who would be really happy to have something like that. I don't think music downloading is a very good idea. Maybe you're right about it being okay, but it would still make me feel a little guilty. ^^;; I would love an image gallery, though!
  14. I'm not a big fan of the color, either. I prefer dark skins. Other than that, I think it's just fine.
  15. I think that almost all good games have something of that element in them, especially Final Fantasy games. "Bad guys" in quotes are the most interesting kind of villians. I haven't seen this trailer, but I think your theory is very plausible and could prove interesting. =3
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