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  1. I'm not trying to convince anyone to watch Animes. All the people around myself think thats childrenstuff I am the only one who is interested in it. In Germany ten years ago Animes were popular, if today someone finds out I'm thrilled with 27 years of it, much of the people laugh at me :-D So what? It's funny. That is why I deal with it alone, watch it alone, and therefore do not let anyone judge about that thing. There are just too many prejudices about that topic. So I enjoy it only for myself! <3 ^ - ^ & I'm happy with it.
  2. Hahaha, great! ^-^ He's just a human being, so what?
  3. In my opinion, KHII has the better graphics and combat system. But that is pure taste. The music is breathtaking in both games, as usual by Square Enix! I'm totally in love with Utada Hikaru ^-^
  4. Oh I've heard about Redline, but never saw it for myself. Maybe I'll give it a chance , because If a see frozen another time, I'll definitely become crazy Thank you once again for your encouragement! ^-^
  5. Ohhh... I don't need to think about it for long. This is definitely FFX. I think it were about 200 hours There was only one thing to blame: Catcher Chocobo!
  6. I totally aggree with u!! Great Game!
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