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  1. Seems that I stated something I was not sure again.
  2. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    I tried it once.
  3. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    I think this BRU interesting, and I would like to try it even if it is useless.
  4. Yeah, Simpsons DVD's are pretty bad with quality and resolution. Mainly because the first seasons are at 384p
  5. Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys

    Are you talking about this series?
  6. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    @ThePJzer Do you know how to rename files with Bulk Rename Utility?
  7. I found The New Woody Woodpecker Show in Web-DL (720p) I'm not sure if it's safe or if it has all the episodes, I just found it on Chinese websites.
  8. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    That's not a bad idea.
  9. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    Did you mean, upload in RAR files with password or something else?
  10. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Acho que todo mundo aqui fala inglês, então eu recomendo você falar inglês também.
  11. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    Sorry, I confused everything.
  12. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    Oh. Anyway, can upload DVDrips from other people?
  13. [Donate]Cartoons Archive Project

    Also, I do not know if you'll understand, but what if this topic here, have options to upload DVDrips or anything else in MEGA, and in ISO and Torrent files?