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  1. Seems that I stated something I was not sure again.
  2. Yeah, Simpsons DVD's are pretty bad with quality and resolution. Mainly because the first seasons are at 384p
  3. I found The New Woody Woodpecker Show in Web-DL (720p) I'm not sure if it's safe or if it has all the episodes, I just found it on Chinese websites.
  4. If you want, you can put your name/nickname in your sub group, that example is a good naming convention, and, you can add chapters in every episode if you can. Usually animes use chapters in every episode.
  5. heck

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Still have people responding to this topic?
  6. heck

    Hacked Cartoon Network Twitter !

    It is impossible not to have been the CN. (This topic is very old...)
  7. No, you just have a opinion.
  8. heck


    Hello! Welcome to Kametsu!
  9. I guess they do not have the episodes in HD or at least in true 16:9. I think they just upscaled the episodes on Waifu2X and put in a zoomed 16:9
  10. Regular Show (Volume 1-8), Gravity Falls...
  11. heck


    Hello! I am Matthew Ovat(z), i love cartoons, and i consider myself a geek. I met this forum when I was in need of episodes of cartoons/series. Well, i hope it's cool to be here.