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  1. kleshten

    Gaming Weapons

    Darksiders scythe they are my all time fav. nothing more classically frightful than a rival with a scythe
  2. kleshten

    What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

    used to play more often but had a kid so I had to slow it down a bit
  3. kleshten

    Which MMORPG game are you playing?

    currently playing spiral knights and I love air rivals dude, total classic
  4. I try never to cheat to advance...I usually beat it then cheat it, so I guess none
  5. kleshten

    The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM - What race are you?

    khajiit, female....just so hot
  6. kleshten

    What was your Favorite classic cartoon as a child?

    this thread makes me want to download so many things, lol
  7. kleshten

    most challenging game to get 100% completion on

    I forgot all about disgaea, I loved that series
  8. kleshten

    most challenging game to get 100% completion on

    I'm seeing some good listings here and I gotta say S.O.C, crack down and star ocean were some of the longer ones for me as well as one for ps2(forget the name) but one of the main characters was a blue haired android named Kosmos
  9. I would have to say for mine it was Skyrim, just for the shear amount of game play, and I'm talking 100% completion, not just all of the achievements
  10. kleshten

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    I play Bubble Bobble for Regular nintendo almost every day, also Snake Rattle N' Roll:ewhz:
  11. kleshten

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I saw this trailer just 2 days ago and it made me think, cause I know a while back they were buying domain names to start work on an elder scrolls MMO, so I wonder if they are still planning on going with the online route, but either way I will be getting this game (the collectors edition if they end up doing one) LONG LIVE THE ELDER SCROLLS!!!!!!!
  12. kleshten

    halo reach xbox

    just wondering how many people other than me got real obsessed, and had to reserve bot halo reach legendary edition and the new halo reach edition xbox
  13. kleshten

    assasins creed

    sorry, gotta go with 360, nothing against PS3 but I just think the game was built for 360
  14. kleshten


    I'm on the 360, almost got 3 characters to lvl 200
  15. I have the legendary halo reach paid off and the new reach xbox, next I'm going for the fable 3. I want more like assassins creed, and new vegas...but I got a kid on the way and after fable my gaming expenses, sadly, must freeze for a time