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  1. [REQ] South Park edited syndicated version

    For completionist reasons, I am looking for the syndicated version of South Park that is edited to TV-14.
  2. [REQ] Shaman King Uncut

    Huh, neat.
  3. [REQ] Shaman King Uncut

  4. [REQ] Shaman King Uncut

    OK, then remux then. I already have the edited version, thank you.
  5. [REQ] Shaman King Uncut

    Encodes would be nice, please.
  6. [REQ] Shaman King Uncut

    Does anyone have 4Kids' short lived uncut dub of Shaman King? I already have YuGiOh Uncut, and would like to complete the collection.
  7. Mega Man NT Warrior VCD rip

    MegaMan NT Warrior is available to purchase on VCD here: http://vcddvd88.com/prod/4636 It says the available audio tracks are Chinese and English, supposedly the English track is a rare Asian produced English dub, can someone please purchase, verify, and upload if true?
  8. [MEGA] Origami Warriors English pilot

    Thank you.
  9. [MEGA] Origami Warriors English pilot

    Does anyone have Vitello's English pilot of Origami Warriors? The download link on their website is dead.
  10. [MEGA] DiC GI Joe (DVDRip)

    For my next request, I would like Mega links to DVDRips of DiC GI Joe, the torrent of season 1 I found is dead and I can't find season 2. EDIT: Nevermind, I found one.
  11. A friend of mine from the Lost Media Wiki discord wants to know if anyone recorded the Toonami versions of the Tenchi Muyo TV series. He says quality doesn't matter.
  12. I have episodes 1-3 of the edited version of Tenchi Muyo OVA 1, does anyone have the other 3 episodes? I would prefer if they were uploaded to Google Drive and came from the edited VHS, for consistency with the first 3 episodes I have.
  13. Request: Yu Yu Hakusho edited version

    For my latest request, I am looking for the edited for content version of Yu Yu Hakusho's Funimation dub. I'll accept either Toonami TV rips or edited VHS tape rips.
  14. On November 14th, 18th, and 19th, 2013, a 3 part episode version of Transformers Prime's finale movie Predacons Rising aired on The Hub. Does anyone have recordings of those episodes?
  15. [Request] Gundam franchise edited versions

    For my latest requests, I would like the edited Toonami versions of Gundam 0079, Wing, and Seed uploaded to Google Drive.