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  1. Anyone know where i can find the animated Godzilla that used to air on Cartoon Network? Can't seem to find it at all if anyone can help me with it please inbox me or leave a post. Thanks
  2. Yo any update on the encodes for FUNimation DBZ sets after episode 138?



  3. Is this in the US or UK? In the UK the listings for CN UK are airing Teen Titans Go! All shows on CN have become awful imo so loved the old version of the anime that was aired.
  4. ZuRi_786

    Who's The Biggest DragonballZ fan here?

    You got the bruce falconer episodes?
  5. ZuRi_786


    Thanks a lot buddy, still waiting for some uploads on DBZ can't find currently much of the original Funi dub
  6. ZuRi_786


    I'm into DBZ and found that this forum may help me with finding and sharing content, Thank you