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  1. so, you have the patience to watch things live but don't actually watch anything live? okay...
  2. is the hero gotham deserves but doesn't need
  3. Why was there no "All of the Above" option?
  4. Is saying L from Death Note cliche?
  5. I've just finished my degree, three years and I'm not sure what I've learnt exactly, and I know no one will care what degree I got just where I went and that I went full stop, because that's all that matters now, it's like a mandatory step to getting a half decent job/getting taken seriously at family gatherings Personally I think everyone needs to make their own choice about university, and employers need to pick the best person for a job not who has the most impressive education
  6. Lol that looks like a lot of fun, it's 50% off maybe I'll buy it
  7. I think "fight" and "defend yourself" are very different things, teaching a kid to fight implies you want to teach them to be aggressive and instigate confrontations, whereas teaching them how to defend themselves can provide a multitude of lessons on discipline and when it's better to just walk away from an instigator
  8. No apologies needed, I was just giving your stories their due
  9. This had some of the most iconic scenes of all the MCU
  10. One of my favorite bands (with a bunch of cameos in the video)
  11. Only good thing about this were the dinosaurs, and even they couldn't salvage this awful movie
  12. A lot of people get away with terrible things because they can remain anonymous But people can also forge incredibly amazing connections through their anonymity, because speaking to a total strange can sometimes be better than speaking to your best friend, so some parts of the internet would certainly benefit from less anonymity but it should definitely remain in other parts (also I love to torrent too much to lose my anonymity for some trolls)
  13. Okay, ignore the ominous title, I'm talking about that one person who will make you watch a movie/TV show, no matter the reviews or ratings, that one actor or director or studio that will make you watch a movie no matter what (and sometimes you'll regret it) there are too many actors for me to name - and I have watched so many terrible movies for them all - but I will watch anything directed by Ava Duvernay and anything made by the company Laika and neither ever disappoint
  14. The equality of suffering, I like that Would prefer not to have itchy blisters though
  15. Fluctuating as always, one minute it's too hot to sleep, the next it's so cold we have to crank the heat up, damn global warming
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