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  1. Tried sending you a PM but i see that you can't receive messages, so i will post it here


    Hi, was just going through the release at https://projects.kametsu.com/1209/seraph-of-the-end


    I strip out extra tracks for my plex server so it doesn't freak out. Doubt anyone else does this but could you add to the description of that post that episodes 1, 8, 11, 16, 24 have English commentary tracks. Might help someone else out down the line, I almost missed them myself.



    1. (AC)


      If you were to look here - 

      Though it seems I left out/forgot to add part 2 english comm episodes... 



  2. potatows

    Quickly Remux Out Dual Audio and Song Subs Script

    Super old post, sorry to revive I wish that would work but most releases have English sub tracks for both full subtitles and songs only, so it would save both. What this might be useful for though, would be to make a process which would result in all files working with the above script. English commentary tracks are the bane of this script, so using that tool to remove them before running the script would be fantastic and save me having to manually lookup which episodes have it.
  3. potatows

    Quickly Remux Out Dual Audio and Song Subs Script

    Yea I initially tried using mkvpropedit but I struggled finding a batch UI that could do it for me. I tried finding/making a script for but i had issues with that as well. The remux is not the fastest but it isnt too bad. Remuxing episodes on a network drive takes around 8-10s for a 1.5gb episode. That would be a nice feature for plex to add, but I dont think they care too much about anime in general. With most people having to use custom agents and scanners for it anyway. Main reason I fix them on my server is that people kept getting confused when english subtitles didn't show up automatically. Its not hard to just change the subtitle track, but not everyone is super great with technology.
  4. potatows

    Quickly Remux Out Dual Audio and Song Subs Script

    Definitely, This may be an "auto" script but every time i run it i manually check what tracks a release uses before running it. Its just a bit faster than manually using mkvtoolsnix gui for each episode for me. When releases have commentary audio tracks it even further fucks it up since it messes up track order for 3-4 episodes in a season. Luckily by forcing it to grab tracks 4 and 5 for subtitles, even if there is an audio commentary track, it doesn't remove anything bad. Original File: Track 0 Video Track 1 English Audio Track 2 Japanese Audio Track 3 Commentary Track 4 Signs and Songs Track 5 Full Subtitles After Initial Run: Track 0 Video Track 1 Japanese Audio Track 2 Signs and songs Track 3 Full Subtitles For this reason i have a second batch file which I run on episodes that have audio commentary.
  5. potatows

    Quickly Remux Out Dual Audio and Song Subs Script

    @Koby@Catar First off just wanted to say thanks to Catar, I watch/use a ton of your releases Plex does have preferred language settings and i currently have it set to japanese audio and english subs. The problem is, 90% of the releases I download from here have the following track order: Track 0 Video Track 1 english audio Track 2 Japanese audio Track 3 English subs - Signs and Songs- Track 4 English subs - full subtitles (Sometimes this track has japanese language even if it is english) Plex correctly chooses Japanese audio. However it sees two English subtitles and picks the first, which is not the subtitles i need. Plex also only lets me chose one preferred subtitle language, so I cannot chose english & Japanese to fix those few releases that have english subtitles labeled japanese. Not sure how releases could fix this problem without breaking the default english audio with signs and songs subs. Possibly setting signs and songs to default track but undefined language? that way media players would by default use those subs when played but it wouldn't mess up auto selecting subtitle tracks in media servers. This would break signs and songs subs for people who specified open english subs in their media player like mpc hc though
  6. potatows

    Quickly Remux Out Dual Audio and Song Subs Script

    Doesn't that just extract selected tracks from a file without touching it? Or does it have the abillity to remux a video without a certain audio or subtitle track? Edit: I tried out the program but it just seems to extract individual tracks into files, not remux a file with certain tracks still in it I should have been more clear in my title. The script above is used to remux a dual audio release to remove the english audio and signs and songs subtitles by only keeping the audio and subtitle tracks you want.
  7. I love grabbing Kametsu anime releases, but my Plex server kept using the signs and songs subtitle over the full english ones. I couldn't find a script to batch remove english audio and the signs and song subtitles, but with a bit of googling and copy and pasting i managed to cobble together a script that does it for me. for %%i in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o output/"%%i" --atracks 2 --stracks 4,5 --default-track 4:yes --language 4:eng "%%i" Echo The process is complete. The stripped files are located in the "output" folder. pause exit The above must be pasted into a .bat file then double clicked on to run. You must have https://mkvtoolnix.download/ installed and usable from windows command line for it to work. By default it uses track 2 audio(which is japanese audio 95% of the time) and grabs tracks 4 and 5 (which are the full subtitle tracks 95% of the time). It then sets subtitle track 4 as a default track and also sets track 4 to english language subtitles. I had it set track 4 to english subs because I have found a decent amount of releases set the full english subtitles to undefined or japanese for whatever reason. Also be aware that many movies include a commentary track which will screw up which tracks use which numbers. You can edit the track numbers to whatever your desired tracks are from the source file. It does not edit the video as long as it is a .mkv mkvmerge starts numbering tracks at track 0, some programs start at 1. So be careful when figuring out what number an audio track is at. Basically it finds all .mkv files in the directory the batch file is in, and remuxes them all into a folder it creates called output. After it creates the new files you can just cut them from the output folder and re-paste them over the source files. DO NOT run this on your entire directory of anime, place and run this file in individual seasons of anime.
  8. potatows

    What is the best Anime around?

    I would suggest the JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure series(The remake starting in 2011) if you haven't seen it. Just make sure to stick with it through the first 6 episodes. The anime starts off a bit slow but you are really rewarded for sticking with it, and the seasons following it just keep on getting better.