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  1. Sinbad

    Guess that Anime!

    Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Under the Innocent Sky.
  2. Sinbad

    Is it ok to teach kids to fight?

    Self defense is a good thing that children should be taught but they should also be nurtured by their parents/guardians, not to abuse their power at any cost.
  3. Sinbad

    Should Energy Drinks be banned

    Banning something is not the way to solve the problems caused by it & to be honest, I don't think that energy drinks cause any serious health issues except "Insomnia" & "Obesity" when used continuously for long time, though I don't use them. I prefer coffee over energy drinks as they contain lower doses of caffeine plus they are perfect for a student like me. If someone develops tolerance to low levels of caffeine & have a huge work load then it's absolutely not wrong for them to use energy drinks & then there's physical & mental exercises which can deal with Obesity & Insomnia. So, I think that they shouldn't be banned but lowering the doses of caffeine in them would be a different story.
  4. https://dealoz.com/New-Used-Books/Gravity-Falls/9781368002509#details Will this be of any help?
  5. Just finished watching AmaBri (Amagi Brilliant Park) encoded by MK.


    Both the encode & the anime were brilliant 😍.

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    2. Sinbad


      And by the way, moodkiller lifted my mood 😊 (opposite of what the name suggests) 😉.

    3. NeutralHatred


      I feel like this is going to be a reoccurring thing with you. Announcing what you just watched.

    4. Sinbad


      @NeutralHatred, Sorry about that.


      It won't happen again.

  6. Sinbad

    G4560 for high quality 1080p Hi10p anime

    Of cource, you should buy according to your needs & keeping the budget you set in your mind. I already told that if u are just gonna watch anime then Pentium G4560 is more than sufficient.
  7. Sinbad

    G4560 for high quality 1080p Hi10p anime

    In my opinion, if you are just gonna watch 1080p Hi10p videos then G4560 is more than enough though the 8th gen G5600 is the best Pentium processor out there in the market but you won't be able to play recent games on any of them. If you really want to upgrade your desktop then go for the new 8th gen processors & if possible, buy an unlocked processor because even if you buy G4560, it won't be called much of an upgrade. Personally, I use a laptop having i5-3230M (which is about 42% slower than G4560 & about 69% slower than G5600) coupled with a 4gb ddr3 1600MHz RAM & Radeon HD 7600M GPU. When I played 1080p version of "Say I Love You" encoded by "CTR(Catar)", "Re;Zero" encoded by "SCY(Scyrous)" & "Amagi Brilliant Park" encoded by "MK(MoodKiller)", my CPU usage at max was 25% & RAM usage was about 200MB on Windows 8.1 OS. Software used for playing - MPC-BE with KPC-BE & Megamix LAV Filtres. *All the encoders I mentioned are from Kametsu. Not to mention that Koby's CPU is certainly better than mine so I am guessing that his max CPU usage is about 20%. For more details on custom builds, visit Tom's Hardware. There, you will find everything you need.
  8. Currently watching last episode of Rewrite.

    It's one heck of an anime. I really enjoyed it.

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    2. Catgirls_When


      The anime itself isn't as good as the VN at all. The only good Key VN adaptation was Clannad.

    3. Sinbad


      @Koby, I agree with you & it was hard for me to decide weather I should watch the 2nd season or not but since it's my holiday time, so I decided to watch it anyways.


      The 2nd season was not that bad (actually it was good) in my opinion & everything going on in 1st season was explained in the 2nd season.

    4. Sinbad


      @_Akshay_ Yes, the Clannad series was the best Visual Novel by Key adapted into an anime but still, Rewrite was not that bad & there is no comparision between Clannad and Rewrite because they have hugely different plots.

  9. Sinbad

    What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Sword Art Online dragged me into the anime world & now almost everything in this ever expanding world compells me to stay here. When I was a kid, I watched Pokemon, Detective Conan(Case Closed), Doraemon, Inazuma Eleven, Beyblade, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z etc..., thinking of them as cartoons. First few series I watched knowing that it's anime were Letter Bee, Hayate the Combat Butler, Baka & Test Summon the Beast, Beelzebub & Bleach. SAO was the first anime which I downloaded & watched,.
  10. It definitely was ""My teen romantic comedy Season 1 & 2"
  11. Flatula Backfire a.k.a the Fart Car



  12. Sinbad

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    That's what I am trying to say. Everything we use has certain substances which are said to be cancerous if we search about them on google. Except a few sites and forums, everything on the internet is highly misleading because there is absolutely no one to regulate the information given on most of the sites. Honestly, if google was the solution for everything, we wouldn't have needed doctors at all now-a-days but we still need them, so it means that if you don't have the right knowledge about a topic then googling about that topic mostly misleads you. If you want the correct knowledge, go find some books in the library and read them instead of being misguided by google. They are only harmful if used continuously for very long time (about 50-60 years). And about the free radicals, they are formed in the food we heat using microwave, not directly in our body but are negligible as compared to food barbequed on wood or coal. Chalk is nothing but Calcium Carbonate so it won't kill you unless you consume it in sufficiently large quantities but a teacher using chalk "might" suffer from "occupational respiratory disease" due to inhaling chalk dust during his entire life (unless he/she uses dustless chalk). There is nothing in this world which is not harmful but if they are more useful to mankind than they are harmful then there is no harm in overlooking their drawbacks. Infact humanity is the most harmful thing for the environment but it doesn't mean that humanity should be destroyed to protect the environment.
  13. Sinbad


    Welcome bro. I hope that you follow the rules and be a wonderful member of our community.
  14. Don't get me wrong when I said about"Kirito-GODMODE" being "crap" bro because I was comparing it with SAO & I myself am a huge fan of SAO series. I like GGO too but not nearly as much as I like SAO.
  15. Sinbad

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    Every kind of radiation causes adverse effects on human body to some extent of which the higher wavelengths (UV, Gamma, Beta, Alpha & Cosmic rays) are mostly responsible. Lower wavelengths (below Infrared rays) at high intensity may harm human body if exposed for very long duration (over a lifetime). Like microwaves used in ovens don't cause cancer directly, they generate free radicals which are highly reactive (react with DNA, RNA & Enzymes/Proteins of the cells causing somatic {not germinal} mutations) & they are the reason for cancer.