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  1. Happy birthday 🤩.

    1. Grundy


      Happy birthday ! 🎁

    2. lucaslink2
  2. Atsuidesu 😣.


    Even though it's just the beginning of April, the temperature already shoots to 40°C / 104°F during afternoon.


    I feel like Aikawa Ayumu (from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka) while walking back from college.


    This year's gonna be rough 😫.


    1. Saf
    2. applqpak


      Meanwhile here in Aus it frequently drops close to 0 degrees. I'm envious lol

    3. (Kirito)
  3. I don't get what was 1st April's joke.


    I think "it was nothing" was the joke 😅.

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    2. (Kirito)


      Guess I was unlucky or maybe lucky.

    3. Saf


      I don't think I was at home when it happened XD I had to go out someplace yesterday, so it might've been during those hours.


      Too bad, you probably would've had me going there.

    4. Scyrous


      Ditto. I didn't see anything either.

  4. Happy birthday onee-chan 😜.

    1. Grundy


      Happy Birthday !🎁

    2. Koby


      Happy day of birth!

    3. (Kirito)
  5. Going back home from college today due to festival holidays for a week 😎.


    Also, 3 days from now, it's my dad's birthday 🤩.

  6. This community gas gone too dull & boring.


    I think everyone shifted to discord.


    Well, whatever's the case, I will stick here until everyone gets bored of discord and return.

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    2. Koby


      We don't mind. In fact we've tossed around the idea of getting gamers involved with posting Twitch streaming of their gameplay, etc.. So this is right up the alley of things we'd love to get more involved with within the community. No need to post in status-updates; feel free to post them in the actual gaming board of the forum.

    3. aliqandil


      I personally haven't still found my new home forum/subforum yet! well I wasn't that active anyways, but I think that maybe why it's so loneley here now! IMO others are still not sure where to post now!

    4. gskumar


      I am coming here on regular basis, yeah post count is low, I am interested in anime and manga related stuff so I only stick to that boards. I will comment or post whatever I feel, so I may not do much but nonetheless I will be here.

  7. Happy belated 21st birthday man.


    Sorry 😭, but I totally forgot to wish u (I hope that u can forgive me) due to my college schedule.



    1. DRX


      Thanks man, I'd appreciate it no matter when you posted it ^_^

  8. Finally, today was first day of my college.


    Cheers to my new lonely life.

  9. @Scyrous I was just wondering, when are u gonna upload 2nd half of Re;Zero(Dual Audio, 1080p).

    1. Catar


      September 2018, which is stated both in the thread and on the release project spreadsheet.


      please remember to check these things before asking, your question has probably already been answered.

    2. basheer_naimi


      Funi delayed the BD release of Part 2 to October 30th 😔

    3. (Kirito)


      @Catar I couldn't find the spreadsheet that's why I asked.


      Sorry to bother you.

  10. Just finished watching AmaBri (Amagi Brilliant Park) encoded by MK.


    Both the encode & the anime were brilliant 😍.

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    2. (Kirito)


      And by the way, moodkiller lifted my mood 😊 (opposite of what the name suggests) 😉.

    3. NeutralHatred


      I feel like this is going to be a reoccurring thing with you. Announcing what you just watched.

    4. (Kirito)


      @NeutralHatred, Sorry about that.


      It won't happen again.

  11. Currently watching last episode of Rewrite.

    It's one heck of an anime. I really enjoyed it.

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    2. Catgirls_When


      The anime itself isn't as good as the VN at all. The only good Key VN adaptation was Clannad.

    3. (Kirito)


      @Koby, I agree with you & it was hard for me to decide weather I should watch the 2nd season or not but since it's my holiday time, so I decided to watch it anyways.


      The 2nd season was not that bad (actually it was good) in my opinion & everything going on in 1st season was explained in the 2nd season.

    4. (Kirito)


      @_Akshay_ Yes, the Clannad series was the best Visual Novel by Key adapted into an anime but still, Rewrite was not that bad & there is no comparision between Clannad and Rewrite because they have hugely different plots.

  12. Flatula Backfire a.k.a the Fart Car



  13. Got my exam results yesterday.


    Rank :- 7373 out of 1326725.


    I will get entrance in a Medical College for sure.

    1. DRX


      Congratulations bud ^_^

  14. 220px-The_Wheelman.jpg


    Just finished playing this game.

    1. Saf


      Maybe you should play Escape from Butcher Bay next.

  15. Gogeta-Blue is now Sinbad.


    It's going to be a whole year since I joined so I decided to change my display name, profile picture & the cover photo.

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    2. (Kirito)


      @Koby It's not from "The Adventures of Sinbad". It's from "Magi".

    3. (Kirito)


      @Saf I would have tried what we discussed but, I couldn't find anyone with the description u gave.


      I will try it when I visit London sometime in the future.

    4. (Kirito)


      16921685631c248271819d3e9b822beba097e20e 😆 :P


      @Saf, I guess I tried that after all.


      He was eating corn chips before I kicked him, but it fell on the ground. Here's the proof.




      Now let's see that weather your scientifically proven fact was correct or incorrect.

  16. So far(about a month), my experience with my HyperX Cloud Stinger has been very good (both with gaming & watching anime).


    The sound is really loud & clear + external noise cancellation is pretty damn awesome.


    I give it 10/10 as it's the best gaming headset available in the market for just $50. If you are thinking of buying a new one then go for this one.

  17. My laptop's video card seems to be dead though, I can still turn it on in Legacy BIOS Mode.


    Now, I won't be able to play any games till I buy a new one.


    I have thought of buying an ASUS X540UA-DS 51 but any suggestions (under US$600) are most welcome.

    1. NeutralHatred


      You aren't getting anything special for $600 if you're looking to game on it.

      A decent gaming laptop is, at least, $800 on a sale.


      I'm guessing you meant ASUS X540UA-DS51, and that is not a gaming laptop. It isn't even an HQ series of Intel processors, which is their quad-core line.

      I'm not a laptop person myself; most of my PC usage is on my custom desktop. As far as recommendations go, I'd look for something around the $800 range and pay attention to the CPU (no U processors; those are dual-cores, unless they are 8th generation) and if it has a GPU.

    2. (Kirito)


      Well, I recently played games in laptop with Intel core i5 3230M with AMD Radeon HD 7600M graphics card and ASUS TUF FX504 from newegg will cost me about US $1050 due to heavy import duty.


      If ASUS TUF FX504 costed me around US$650 then too, i would have bought it but US$1050 is way out of my budget plus i can't buy it in my country.


      And I even think that buying a desktop is apways better than any laptop as desktops are customisable but not portable so i am giving up on a new laptop & i will try to get the old laptop repaired but if it doesn't get repaired then i will make due with a cheap desktop.


      Thanks for the help @NeutralHatred

    3. (Kirito)


      I preferred ASUS VivoBook R510IK-LHFX the most though but it's not available in my country.


      What a rotten luck I have.

  18. First day after my exam and my laptop is not working.


    It worked perfectly fine & I even installed SAO-HR, SAO-FB & Ys-VIII but when I started playing SAO-FB (after character creation and watching the opening scene) my laptop screen went all black but the laptop didn't shut down.


    When I restarted my laptop, the screen flashed & then got black periodically.


    Currently, I am backing up my anime and documents in my external HDD (I had to delete some old animes though) and afterwards, I will format my laptop.


    I can't believe that this happened just the next day of my exams :anger:.


    This really sucks :ah:.

    1. (Kirito)


      I am still unable to repair it.


      When I installed Win 7 ATI Edition in Legacy mode, it worked fine at first but after installing just the video drivers, the system is unable to load & shows blue screen error.


      Please help (if u can) !!!


      Currently I am downloading Windows 8.1 Anime Edition 2015.

  19. Hey guys, I am back from my exams. How have u all been doing


    Scored 560/720 (a good score) in my medical entrance exams & I should probably get admission for MBBS course this year :D so thanks a bunch to everyone for wishing me good luck & for my good performance I got a HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset :D


    After my admission, I will get even less time to spend time with u guys :( but I will still visit when i have free time & during my summer vacations I will have lots of free time so I will try to visit frequently.


    Also there is another exam on 27th of this month for which I am not too worried but still, wish me good luck for this one too.

    1. DRX


      Good luck bud and that's marvelous news ^_^

    2. (Kirito)


      Thank u very much guys.


      I really appreciate it.

    3. (Kirito)


      And just for reference, about 1.325 million students appeared for the exams & the number of seats are just around 5500 :P.

  20. My Medical Entrance Exams are coming up so I won't be able to have fun with u guys.


    BTW it's on 06/05/2018 so, wish me luck.


    Thanks a bunch for giving me this wonderful time on Kametsu.

  21. A lot of upcoming anime are chinese.

    I wonder how they are.

    My first chinese anime experience with Cupid's Chocolate was a disaster.

  22. The uploader of SAO : Alicization PV has not made it available in my country :anger:.

    I couldn't even watch the PV :ah:.

    1. desu-ka-moe


      Maybe horriblesubs.info will have it?

    2. (Kirito)
  23. DanMachi Arrow of the Orion announcement.

    I am so hyped up.

    1. (Kirito)


      Along with it, a sequel of Familia Myth has also been confirmed.

    2. JG1983


      Why not. A very nice, solid anime.

  24. I wanna watch a new season of Hayate no Gotoku but there has been no news about it for almost 4 years now.

    Previously (in 2014), only 3 OVA episodes aired & this year, manga series completed too so i think we can get a good news soon.

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    2. (Kirito)


      There are a total of 52 volumes and 568 chapters but anime covered only  105-110 chapters so i doubt that they will skip 400 chapters and just adopt the final arc

    3. Inverti


      Right, but the Hayate anime series has repeatedly shown to skip manga chapters. Many events leading to the movie, which is followed by S3 are skipped; it was even specified by Hayate himself that viewers should look up the manga if they don't wanna feel left out. 


      Not to mention that Manglobe, which was the studio that animated the movie, S3 and S4, went out of business. New anime adaptions of Hayate just don't seem very likely to me. 

    4. (Kirito)


      You may be right but i still hope that a new season will be aired.

      Though i have the complete manga series but i still wanted to watch the anime.

      Also, I will try to finish reading the 368 chapters of manga during my summer vacations this year. I read almost 200 chapters during my last summer break.

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