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  1. I am curious to know what display (phone, TV, monitor) you use to watch anime as well as your general thoughts as to your experience, especially for those with computer monitors, as well as any future upgrades you are planning. If possible include the exact model numbers. To start off, I use: 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 (AMOLED) 2014 Mostly use, enjoy watching, although sometimes its a bit over saturated. 2. Dell Inspiron N5050 (low quality TN) 2013 I try to avoid. 3. Samsung Syncmaster 2033SW (TN LED) (possible upgrade to Dell U2414H? IPS) Not great display especially with 1600x900p resolution. Hoping to upgrade to u2414h as a monitor/tv replacement. 3. Sony Bravia KDL-32V5500 (High quality LED) 2009ish (possible upgrade to Dell U2414H? IPS) Hardly use, mostly for ps3 and anime bluray movies. Would like to get rid it and try combining with u2414h, as a pc gaming/console gaming/video watching display, though not many reviews on how anime looks on it.
  2. 3tb x 3 2.5" - 70gb free 1tb x 3 2.5" - 50gb free 2tb 3.5" - 300gb free 2tb 3.5" - 100gb free 1tb 3.5" - 15gb free Organization is PITA, should probably catagorise it properly, too many copies of anime that are duplicates or similar but different scene releases. Could save at least a terabyte, but would probably be filled up in a months time:(
  3. Trying to finish off Jeanne D'arc and Dragon Quest Builders.
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