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  1. Tuneskit

    Hello, I wanted to double verify using Wowfunhappy's .h264 comparison method (because I'm that guy that needs to see proof with my own two eyes), and I've hit a little snag. I downloaded some 720p content using iTunes for Mac (the latest current version) and ran it through TunesKit 3.4.5 for Mac using the 'M4V Lossless' option (since the file I originally got was an .m4v, not an .mp4). I then downloaded the same 720p content on a Windows machine using iTunes and ran it through Requiem. I then followed their steps exactly to extract just the h264 video stream using the latest version of ffmpeg, and while ffmpeg pulled it out of the Requiem file just fine, on the TunesKit file, I got a bunch of warnings saying "Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0: 31084 >= 31084" probably for every timestamp. It did still end up producing a .h264 file though. Unfortunately, the TunesKit h264 file does not match the requiem h264 file in file size. The Requiem extracted file is 605,191 bytes, while the TunesKit extracted file is 604,744 bytes. Of course when I ran the Windows command 'FC' (File Compare), it failed saying the files were too different. I'm hoping these ffmpeg warnings have something to do with it or that I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas on why ffmpeg might be giving me those warnings or how I can provide more verification other than comparing screen shots? (*edit* I just compared screen captures from VLC, and those too, are different. The Requiem screen capture is slightly darker than the TunesKit one and they're different file sizes, etc.)