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  1. goobersan

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    After about an 8 year break from reading manga I dove back into the world when the Btooom! anime series finished halfway through the story. Recently Finished: Love in Hell <- ecchi style comedy which eventually fleshes out it's universe pretty well Kill La Kill <- didn't add anything from to anime Toyho Game <- cool 3 vol story About to start or in Progress: Btooom! Ghost in the Shell : SAC Trinity Seven Uber Blatt Akame Ga Kill Zero <- great addon prequel to the anime Goblin Slayer From a New World <-- really liking the more mature dark fantasy Persona III Psycho-Pass : Inspector Shinya Kogami Neon Genesis Evangelion Satoshi Kon's Opus
  2. goobersan

    From a New World (Shinseki Yori)

    I'm 3 volumes into From a New World and it's awesome! Does anyone know if the anime is very different?