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  1. Killua

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    Windows 10 used to be pretty bad in the early stages, but now, I think Windows 10 is better than Windows 7.
  2. Killua

    Doctor Who

    I wonder what it would be like making doctor who into an anime...
  3. Uncharted 1, 2 and 3. They are probably my favorite games that I own on the ps3.
  4. One Punch Man season 2 is gonna air in April 2019 (If I remember correctly).
  5. Sword art online is meh, it has a lot of flaws, atleast the animation is good.
  6. You could watch Steins;Gate, it is about time travel, not a lot of animes are about time travel plus it has a pretty decent dub if you only watch dubs.
  7. Killua

    Favorite Anime

    I guess my favorite anime out of those two (I haven't watched bleach yet) is naruto. It has some decent animation, on the other hand one piece sometimes has ok / decent animation and some other times it is the worst thing ever. Excluding the animation, I enjoyed naruto more, because with one piece, things just get a little bit repetitive and right now, the group that is animating one piece is just dragging out the episodes so much to the point where it's just boring.
  8. I have only watched Dragon Ball so uh... I guess I am going with that.
  9. I regret buying and playing 4 games. The first two are God Of War 1 and 2. The games were the same. It just got boring after a while. Unlocking new "powers" and killing monsters (I was an idiot for giving God Of War 2 a chance, I thought that maybe they would have made it better). The other games are One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 and 2, they were in a bundle so I only payed for one and they gave me both of the games. They were the same as the God Of War games. You would kill bad guys and get new powers. After a day of playing the game I got bored of it and never touched it again. At least God Of War was more entertaining than the One Piece game.
  10. Well I haven't bought any games for like 10 months but I am planning to buy Garry's Mod and CSGO when I get a better PC. Also I think there is a game on steam named Moonstrider, I am pretty fascinated by that game.
  11. Your profile picture is freaking creepy O_o (also what anime is that profile pic from)

    1. Gin


      Think it is btooom!

  12. Well I have a lot of ps2 games that for some reason I can run them in my ps3. I used to have a ps2 but it broke, I had it for 8 years.
  13. Well I play a lot of games (not only on my pc) but the game i spend the most time on has to be Minecraft or the Uncharted (1,2,3) series on my ps3. I've played Uncharted so many times, I really love those games. I really wish I had a ps4 so I could play Uncharted 4. The only game that comes close to Uncharted is GTA 5 I really like that game aswell.
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