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  1. Well... I am addicted to drinking water... So what's the difference?
  2. Like the new background!

  3. Is it just me or is FakeEtzimal down? I keep getting 


    from FakeEtzimal failed. Reason: The remote host closed the connection.
    [09:30] [Notice] -FakeEtzimal- ** Closing Connection: Unable to transfer data (Input/output error)

    1. NeutralHatred
    2. Catar


      Happens occasionally. Due to the bot's really hacky configuration, it's the best I can do. If you get this error, you just have to wait for a while and come back later, sorry. There's (probably) nothing wrong on your end.


      If you need help, feel free to poke me on IRC.

  4. Does anyone happen to have the Star Blazers 2199 USBD? That i can acquire 

  5. Question: How much worse are USBD compared to the jap ones? Because I downloaded the USBD version of Tsugumomo and the quality is just blurry. 

    Quick comparison: https://diff.pics/OquQpFYRb3DS/1


    Unless the Jap version is more or less the same and the encoder made it better?

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    2. Koby


      Typically USBD has it's brightness adjusted in comparison to the JPBD, and it's got a lot less bitrate because instead of 1-3 episodes per disc they tend to cram 6-8 onto it. This is because they sell them much cheaper stateside. You can buy an entire series for $40-60, while in Japan it costs that much just for one volume with 1 to 3 episodes.

    3. Golumpa


      Like Koby said, which is why nowadays you kinda want to get both the US and JP BDs (from U2, ADC etc). The JP ones to encode and US to get the lossless english audio.

    4. ACCM


      So just so update my findings only the first 3 episodes have that blurriness and everything else looks 1080P vs 480p. I find this so odd. sure as you say it's generally less quality but something is very fishy with those first 3 they look very different than the others. Anyways My worrys are no more thanks for the replies.

  6. I'm a immigrant from KickassTorrents and Nyaa.se Great Collapse. More specifically it was @Catar 's torrents on nyaa that had a link to here. But I joined when Nyaa was still around but never really did anything until it went down.
  7. So today I found a car with the license plate. (MKVBDV)

  8. Anyone knows a good place where to find epub/PDF of school books? College books

  9. What did you all do today? I wasted most/all my afternoon trying to figure out why my usb 3 port was running at usb2 speeds.... turns out it was the bios.

  10. ACCM

    Hey guys

    Welcome ! your bother huh nice! i wish my sis was into this stuff as in (the online part). I do all the downloading
  11. 7ed359f3c4998c3f847290b157bb8d72--manga-


    Happy new year everyone! Enjoy where I can't as I'm sick in bed. Safe Journeys everyone!

  12. And im in!!!  AnimeBytes hell yeah!

    1. emjay911


      Congrats ! .. please read - the rules - carefully.

    2. ACCM
  13. Lucky! Im still waiting. EDIT: and im in NP
  14. https://distill.io/ i feel like i was cheating lol. BTW the page was only open for like 10min before it went back to temporarily closed. but i sent in my request lets hope they let me in.
  15. {Test} I wanted to say thanks to all you uploaders and to @Scyrous for your beautiful comments in nyaa.

    1. Scyrous


      LOL you're welcome xD

  16. Nexus 9 and a 40inch TCL roku TV 1080p
  17. Just bought my 8TB WD HDD and will be picking it up tomorrow night!
  18. Now now... You just love making me jealous... Hahaha.... How about donating one of those HDD of yours I'll play for the shipping :-) Anyways all jokes aside. How do you explain all that space to your family or friends? For me just asking people for HDDs that are just lying around they ask me what you put on all that space. And they aren't anime people... Cry!!! Things get tricky
  19. Did someone call me?? Yep I love it!
  20. Man all you guys make me jealous... This is all what i have... /dev/sdc2 916G 840G 76G 92% / # seeding torrents /dev/sdb 3.7T 3.2T 474G 88% /mnt/4TB # only anime storage /dev/sda2 1.8T 929G 834G 53% /mnt/Other # games + tv storage And now i'm saving up for a 8TB hdd... @Catar why do you use zfs? does it handle large files better ?
  21. (Mardock Scramble 1-3) 7.8/10 pretty, cool, and messed up (like our world) like Speed Grapher in a way
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