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  1. if you mean Gakkou no Kaidan https://myanimelist.net/anime/1281/Gakkou_no_Kaidan then nothing great in rutracker --though i know for a fact that eng search can bug out hard --you should try to find working trilogy in rutracker lol
  2. luckily video doesnt have too noticeable interlacing - just poorly authored dvds i prefer keeping as mkv for convenience, and because i need ext subs and using it on discs isn't the most convenient thing sometimes. but if i can convert to deinterlaced without losing quality ill check it out tomorrow. its bit late now. in the meantime if someone has a how to feel free to link. i kinda always wanted to deinterlace my super best friends south park dvd, well until i got a hdtv version
  3. ill check it out thanks-- yeah seems it does the job thanks
  4. I want remux some dvds to mkv--some ovas When I say dvd remux i want it lossless if possible, like BD remux. I dont care about size. I just wanna change container. I saw that i can drop the vob files to mkvmerge and mux them? thats the proper way? and it wont mess with the order of the vobs?
  5. i have 0 interest for physical copies many years now. even books, kindle ftw they get dusty need cleaning , care to handle, they might scratch, they take up space and need hardware players if i had my way too many games and idk how many movies and series on disks,idk Id need another house and the time it takes to find something when you have a large collection. I used to be a disc hoarder and still have like ~ 4k dvds. but last 10 years ive become digital hoarder or by now id have over 10k disks. never bought 1 BD disk amd i dont even own a BD player, by the time they came out physical was already dead for me and i also imagine that like dvds kinda deprecated when crt and sd phased out, that ll happen with BDs too at some point, leaving me with a metric ton of useless plastic
  6. ok few fast tips keep the disc out of power till you re ready to try to access your data and move them to another disk. try with a different OS eg liive cd https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu. you can run this from cd without installing it if its external remove the enclosure and try it as internal disk. then if nothing works i guess you can try recovery software ( i dont really know anything about them) and if you can see the disk in bios but you cant get your data after all, keep disk in drawer and try again in ~3 months
  7. i ve uploaded cowboy bebop subs for dub in ctr's thread for that show. I ve searched alot for baccano but no luck. retail subs however are fairly close to the dub, ~like 90% so it shouldn't be a problem to follow. you can find kamigami release here I think or in torrents. i ve seen few others but mostly movies, GITS comes to mind. im not a dub fan usually though, so I haven't searched much. imo if your eng istening skills aren't fairly good to get a good grasp at least, there's no real point going for the dub. original audio + sub is more often than not the superior choice anyway. most dubs have mediocre voice actors and low production values. still I can understand why americans or some brits might prefer them. they make it lot more accessible. cowboy bebop, baccano, black lagoon and few others are bright exceptions in my book however. I very much prefer dub to the original version.
  8. i guess you mean ShaqSalazar not shadycrab. anyway the only decent working out of the box dual audio version atm is lleur's but thats 720p non flac. and that is is you can actually get it and torrents arent dead. else atm the hi-end choices would be salender/yousei with external eng dub or mux it yourself. or I dunno if someone remuxed them on AB. theres also beatrice- raws fresh release which might be better but it's only S1 so far. --------------------------------------------- maybe if someones interested in doing it, could put up a decent 720p version with salender. I doubt koby will bother with 720p version anyway, and I doubt jensen will do it either
  9. that centipad the memories lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT-mSima3CE
  10. https://myanimelist.net/anime/2004/Hanada_Shounen-shi is there any release for this, using softsubs or srt in AB or elsewhere? --------------------------- well nvm i found a patch for dvds in ADC that also includes .ass ill upload them somewhere and link them here https://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/Hanada Shounen shi/STORY OF YOUNG HANADA (THE) (2002) ep. 01-25 ASS UTF-8.rar
  11. certainly not cowboy bebop (someone usually recommends it for newcomers, but even though I like it, i'd probably wouldn't watching anime if I started with it ) anyway since you like fights try fate UBW- https://myanimelist.net/anime/22297/Fate_stay_night__Unlimited_Blade_Works (theres a kametsu release in here---and if you like it then fate zero https://myanimelist.net/anime/10087/Fate_Zero tons of action and id say its relatively easy to follow. you can do the opposite zero then ubw for a more conventional experience-- thats the actual airing order too- but meh live bit dangerously zero is meant to be prequel and companion to UBW. watching it first makes things easier but linear too. or assassination classroom (2 seasons) if you like the premise https://myanimelist.net/anime/24833/Ansatsu_Kyoushitsu_TV?q=assasination or watch some studio ghibli movies. or say what genres you ll probably like. anime is like any other series. nobody likes every genre. i can recommend you a great drama or a scifi or heroic fantasy or a comedy eg, but idk if you like those genres
  12. no worries https://youtu.be/WDpipB4yehk?t=1m10s
  13. nvm for some reason i loaded a page behind. anyway id buy a winter ubw though tbh salender isnt bad for the size, ubw deserves full bloat and diminishing returns
  14. thanks for reminding me! grabbing the dvd for man from tpb as we speak to upgrade some crappy avi. i searched quite but didnt see a bd / good bdrip for it. ill be on the lookout for it
  15. hedgehog in the fog. insane consindering its 40 years old. beatrice-raws encoded it a while back.