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  1. the only raw i know of so far mob psycho is a chinese one I think(?) [SFEO-Raws] Mob Psycho 100 (BD 1080P x264 FLAC) 8bit- but quality seems ok i guess. no major grps done it
  2. i checked new commie sub for 2, tone is better than tactical. not that tactical or edo are bad, not by any means. but atm id grab commies 2nd movie. i didnt like the dakara part, edo does that part better imo, but its minor i guess. anyway i ll give it couple weeks to see if commie releases 3rd as well in the near future, and upload my final batch.
  3. beatrice is easily best release for video https://beatrice-raws.org/release/kizumonogatari-1080p#more-1770 with commie for 1st commie( released few days ago) or tactical for 2nd, edo is solid too and a more litteral option but overall in comparisons i liked tactical more. i havent checked commie yet but it should be top notch as well. edo for 3rd ( commie should release soon i guess, now that he did the 2nd one) all are quality options. thats my batch of subs-- https://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/Kizumonogatari/subtitles.ENG.[Beatrice-Raws].Kizumonogatari.trilogy.v2.rar includes every good sub release except commie for 2nd, as i only saw he released today. but i have the subs and i can upload them if someone wants
  4. koe no katachi . awesome animation and direction. i found story very average though. still worth a watch for the artwork. oh and the awesome russian short "hedgehog in the fog" beatrice released yesterday
  5. thanks it works fixes the freezing but another problem appears and thats why i reverted to built in audio switcher in first place. both ext and int audio play at the same time, both tracks are selected and i cant toggle between them, and in case i choose exclusive, it either plays japanese or english at random. would you know how to fix that? i get 2x lav audio & splitter entries 1 with int and 1 with ext audio i used internal mpc lav filters (latest -got nightly) edit and now it works with built in audio switcher. i fiddled with settings without luck and then i restored my usual ini from a backup and everythings fine with ext audio. anyway without built in switcher i have the problem above with both streams playing. if you have an idea why that happens or if i need an external switcher id still like to know.
  6. on mpchc with madvr, internal lav audio and splitter, audio switcher is the built in mpchc. when i use ext audio on 8 bit encodes works just fine. but on 10 bit encodes video freezes till i switch back to int audio. happens with every audio format ive tried on another mpc hc portable installation same configuration without madvr i keep for fallback, everything works just fine with ext audio on 10 bit encodes. also internal lav audio and splitter, audio switcher is the built in mpc hc. any ideas for what might be causing the issue?
  7. way too many
  8. well for FMA fyi theres this : Hagane no Renkinjutsushi + Extras (2003) [AOmundson] [Dual Audio] [10-bit] [BDRip] [HD 1080p] https://animetorrents.me/torrent-details.php?torid=23900 Original dual audio and visual encode by philosophy-rawsOriginal BD Scans, Comedy Previews, English PV, and OP & ED encode by philosophy-rawsOrignal OVA encode by DarkDreamOriginal subtitles by BlackStrat well i havent checked it, but if not top tier(which probably is) Philosophy is more than good
  9. as an fyi torrents are out today remux is also available and the only option for 1080 so far 720 vcb probably many many more will pop within few days, as koby said
  10. glad you liked it, and saved your time ill upload synced subs from CBM with corrections , and thats my favorite subs>>>https://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/Monster (TV)/[CBM] subs with corrections synced to [null] and [MS] releases.rar subs from MS release are solid option also, but feel more convoluted for a cinematic anime like monster. tbh id mux both options in, as they re both solid and very different in tone
  11. well you re lucky i just found one interesting release yesterday in rutracker its old but somehow bugged and doesnt pop in english searches, found it by pure chance and i dont think its widely known. seems to me best version so far and surely adequate. sad i finished rewatch like 2 months ago
  12. well more of a heads up post because it may be hard to find, rather than request. https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4240019 never knew it existed, I stumbled on this one by chance yesterday, as it doesnt pop up in results when one searches for monster. something breaks the search with this one. if someone knows of it or checks it now, id like an opinion on this one. to me it seems its substantially better than any current release out there. ive seen g_p, cbm, MS, another russian upscale similar to MS and figmentos. as its raw, for subs, MS subs arent a bad choice either, but simpler subs of CBM version fit the pace of the show better imo and quality is great. tbh id include both options for all tastes ill upload here a version of CBM with some corrections i did later today or tomorrow >>>https://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/Monster (TV)/[CBM] subs with corrections synced to [null] and [MS] releases.rar i dont really care about dub in monster, but i wouldnt mind if someone interested muxed dub and subs into this one
  13. would help if you threw 5-6 you watched and really liked. so we can get your experience level and do some proper recommendations serious pick baccano (dubbed only) random pick , bikini warriors. heroic fantasy + bikinis= profit (lighter tone oc) different pick mononoke (2007 i assume you ve already watched berserk (97) and claymore if not, do so
  14. cant see benefit in private also- the only upside i can see is bit more safety against legal issues esp for anime i doubt publishers give a shit outside of US and maybe couple other countries, because they dont distribute there anyway. for those who afraid of public torrents because they dont live in a cool, piracy friendly, country, theres xdcc option and kametsu releases on major private trackers. cant see a benefit of a tracker either, if you ask me we have 1-2 too many and end up having to scout in 4-5 places and even overlooking good releases
  15. well since today brought it, i searched again and i found an Exiled Destiny script with proper subs and synced them with the new release. I retain oyasumi subs in the eps I used to. so now i can wholeheartedly recommend urotsukis version as the best version to have in my opinion