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  1. apply is now open again atm https://animebytes.tv/register/apply lol now just closed, after 2 mins since i checked. anyway check it out
  2. and condolences. its a black day in the history of computing. but hey its a place where cops can kill people in the streets. i didn't expect anything better. i can only hope it stays in america. though surely we' ll see how things play in courts. or google and amazon might just buy that FCC startup company^^ https://www.neowin.net/news/fcc-close-to-repealing-net-neutrality-but-security-halts-final-vote. if you can stop supporting those isps who'll act like douchebags. and to cheer things up
  3. dont really need anything particular tbh. my russian brothers provide for me <3. only U2 would be great for me. but i got my kagura's already and everything else i can find got some exclusive hard to find stuff from your xdcc too <3
  4. as i said they close and open it. yesterday was closed but today opened again. no idea tbh, but its not a bad idea to check it for some days
  5. in case someones interested i managed to apply an hour ago--- they close and open after a while and then close again. thats how it looks from what ive read here https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenSignups/comments/7jh9lt/animebytes_is_open_for_application_sign_up/dr6dbqc/ so you may wanna check periodically for 1 day or 2 if you want to apply https://animebytes.tv/register/apply
  6. bump COMPANY OF HEROES 2 is also free on humble starting today , no point in making new thread https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-of-heroes-2?hmb_source=companyofheroes2_freegame&hmb_medium=banner homefront is free on steam too http://store.steampowered.com/app/55100/Homefront/
  7. Monogatari Beatrice/Yousai

    tbh if one remuxes bake and nise, for the rest there might be 50 fonts total as commiie uses relatively few fonts, and mostly the same for all seasons. so if one doesn't mind installing fonts or having ext subs, thats also a viable solution. and tbh i havent even muxed bake and nise either because Im super lazy. I just added fonts using edit headers into my raws, leaving subs external and easy to edit https://codeyarns.com/2016/08/20/how-to-edit-mkv-headers-using-mkvtoolnix/ obviously though thats not a solution everyone likes, and there is the limitation of having ext sub. for me really monogatari is one of the series that deserve an awesome release, to become accessible to more people. its easily in my top 10 of favorite things to watch and I really love the show. (though tbh, I know its not for everyone, and that not too many people will run like crazy to grab an 150gb~ release anyway) but i feel tad bad knowing the vast majority grabs cgi release. it doesnt do the series any justice in any way and delivers a very inferior experience. i respect their effort and it was a valuable side resource, but im really surprised so much effort and time invested, yielded such poor results. if there werent better resources id probably hated monogatari if i watched that release and i'd drop it soon after . It was just lucky for me, that I happpened to watch ANE bake with good modified subs from an anon someone <3 linked at nyaa comments, and kizu immediately after that (which luckily coalgirls didnt do). and then I moved on to the doodle encode of CGi Nise and and their scripts painfuly average and adequate and boring. and commie only did bd in ~half arcs. but by then i was so hooked from Bake and Kizu that I researched gathered the best sources, and had a great experience throughout.
  8. Gintama best encode and subs?

    yeah I wasnt scouting for vids, I was looking around for subs. and no found nothing new about them, you can check this release if you want Solaufein linked it above. personally i checked 1st ep when he linked it, and still I prefer sofcj more. for the rest tv seasons its either reinforce or sofcj. reinforce isn't a bad group, but i dont prefer them so I dont even compare. they do 8 bit and generally are closer to scene rules, and for anime thats not for the best results. they re decent in any case though, just not a "go to" group fo me. still if someone wants to save ~100 gb total, its also a viable choice. plus i have several other releases of sofcj , FMA 2004, hxh, and gintama and really like his encodes so it was pretty much a no brainer for me. he's pretty much the best source for every large sh┼Źnen saga imo , thats all he does anyway
  9. Gintama best encode and subs?

    because thats too much work I uploaded op1 above for comparison, i think its obvious from that that his colors are off and its washed out in the screenshots. anyway it shows they were captured with different methods at the very least. imo it does not compute. I d accept statistics if it was 1 ss but difference exists in all screenshots. anyway if one's happy with his release quality he needs not look elsewhere. just pointing out that this comparison doesn't look like trustworthy to me
  10. Gintama best encode and subs?

    well as I was checking something about gintama now, and remembered how this comparison looked wrong, i downloaded the files and most likely as I expected something's wrong with these screenshots. for some reason sofcj screenshots are 1/3 of the YYDM size. while in actual video size sofcj is about 2x YYDM size sofcj colors are off too. he's bound to have done something wrong
  11. yeah me too ^^ from steam though. but its nice to have on uplay too. I share minor accounts like uplay battlenet and origin with friends, since i rarely need to play a game there
  12. How to make "Ordered chapter" release?

    you d save a decent bunch of space, and its not negligible its ~3/22min, thats about 14%. sounds great actually and the people who do it right, use very HQ and large size OP ED as a bonus. so it might look great on paper, but there are problems and inconveniences with OC. and besides mutilation or compatibility for me it comes down to this: if you're 100% sure that a release is perfect and you re gonna like it forever and ever and its gonna need 0 modifications, then its ok. but if its not, editing, or using anything from an OC release as a resource, from subs to audio and video is gonna be a big hassle. so it's basically an "as is" release and 0 futureproof. while i might move my subs or audio to a 4k or an 8k raw in few or many years from now, if i have many OC releases that will be almost impossible to do or extremely time consuming. its not worth it for me either.
  13. till 18 dec. even if you dont like ass creeds black flag is good https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/...black-flag/16/ or directly from uplay if you have an account ubisoft might offer more games this month. last xmas they did an encore, offering all games they gave away during holidays, so you might wanna check around xmas time.
  14. irrelevant. i hardly use it, but something changed with mega? i just downloaded 15 gb with free without hitting a cap
  15. thanks for sharing catar. i ll hold till scy+ kbaraka release S2 i guess. for some reason noone wants to pick this up