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  1. The black actors won't be playing The Targaryens lol. You are shitting on the series for nonsensical reasons. Wait for more official info before throwing lame buzzwords around.
  2. What on earth are you talking about? the casting is fine. >stick with George R.R. Martin. he's producing this one.
  3. Good news. A lot of other good shows are getting sequels too.
  4. To be honest these are not the main reasons why i dislike season 2. I disliked it because they recycled the basics of plot from season 1, but with worse characters, worse pacing and too much focus on over the top blood and gore. The writing was horrid, some fans argue that it breaks established things from S1 and the plot is pointless imo, not even the movie really makes any connections to it, and it brings absolutely nothing new to the table. So the entire season is just filler hence why i don't recommend it to anyone. I think it's quite clear to me in hindsight why it turned out to be so underwhelming to many people. It's animated by a different studio and written and directed by a different team as Urobuchi and his team completely focused on making the movie. S2 was basically just there to gain some hype for said movie so that's why i said it's just filler. Season 3 will be directed by the guy who directed season 1 and written by the guy who wrote the first season with Urobuchi so i think it's in good hands.
  5. He won't miss anything important if he skipped the second season tbh. The season sucked and Urobuchi didn't write it so the story is pretty much filler.
  6. It's not a new season. It's the final part of the new movie trilogy.
  7. HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE. I watched a mirror upload. Looks dope AF. Can't wait.
  8. This part bugged me to to end. They spent a good amount of time establishing that the 3 main characters are super smart and then they pulled this nonsense. Seriously what was the director thinking? The show is still very intriguing tho and i'm enjoying it so far. hopefully they don't pull a tokyo ghoul and butcher the entire thing in the future.
  9. Hell yes. Bryce is by far the worst main VA in the english dub and he can't scream to save his life. The dude is miscast, they should have hired an actor who can scream and show emotion naturally. That's just my opinion of course.
  10. That's true but i have no luck when it comes to avoiding spoilers for popular shows like Aot and GoT. Last season i avoided all the forums, i avoided reddit and i left all the anime groups on facebook but i got spoiled because loads of non-anime facebook pages decided to post AoT screenshots for some reason. Anyway i just checked the subbed version and the voice acting is pretty damn good (eren's VA in particular blows the english VA out of the water) so switching to it isn't a big problem for me anymore.
  11. I guess I have to watch it subbed then. A 2 weeks gap is too much for a popular show like AoT because avoiding spoilers isn't easy. I tried the reading the Manga from the first chapter but I stopped because I prefer the anime version tbh. The art is better in the anime and the soundtrack is
  12. So they won't delay airing the episodes like the previous season? I stopped following the dub last season after the 6th episode because I couldn't avoid all the spoilers from sub watchers. I'm gonna be really upset if they don't release the dub shortly after the sub version airs.
  13. CyberPunk 2077 looks dope as hell. I hope it's as good as The Witcher 3.
  14. GODDAMMIT. This is going to take a while to sink in.... @Koby He's a well known respected video game reviewer and streamer. He was true innovator in the Youtube space, a positive force in the gaming industry, a truly upstanding media personality and a great entertainer. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015 but that didn't stop him from doing what he loves the most. he put up a heroic fight until the end and went out a champion in my eyes.
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