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    OCR subtitles from Netflix accurately

    Thanks, but seems only characters based subtitles like English or Spanish has scripts. Subtitles like Chinese or Thai only have pic subtitles. So my problem is, how to convert pic subtitles to text scripts. Some languages are not in subtitles edit OCR list or have an unacceptable accuracy.
  3. I usually use an OCR tool bases on a Microsoft software to deal with Netflix picture subtitles. However, the videos from NTb contain subtitles in almost all languages. The most amazing thing is all subtitles are in text (not picture) with 100% accuracy. How did they do that? Are there any wonderful OCR tools or just some method to rip the text scripts even though they are in picture?
  4. I guess disney will play the trick and laten releasing again. cuz it's finale and "all blame to leaks"
  5. I'm here to remind you some (here are some dirty adj.) guy has post this to the artist of svtfoe. Please be careful.
  6. I used ffmpeg, but it will find next key frame after the start time, so sometimes the sound and video are not matched. Any other better way?
  7. will tomorrow be 1 hour ahead than usual? (summer time)
  8. it says ELC can make link safe. so how to use it?
  9. Some subtitles, like Chinese subtitles are provided by image. Is there any method to collect them?