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  1. Well, Daisy does have nieces... Here where I live, they are called Lalá, Lelé and Lili. But I remember reading a comic story in which there were some girl ducks that helped the girl in the club. We'll only see it when it comes, then
  2. A mysterious Three Caballeros show has appeared on the DisneyLife app (I think it’s the Asian equivalent of DisneyNow.) It’s called “The Legend of the Three Caballeros” and it has 13 episodes running for 22 mins each. There’s absolutely no information of it online but HERE ARE SOME EPISODES AND THEIR THUMBNAILS Source: http://holisticvolunteer.tumblr.com/post/175135580640/holisticvolunteer-a-mysterious-three-caballeros
  3. It's pretty much the opposite. The show, movie and everything else came out BECAUSE of the comics. (saying it here not to flood the post there)

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    2. RogellParadox


      I've not uploaded them (and don't know if I should, since its quality is... meh)


      Looks like the only post about it is here, but the links are dead:


      I may send you the SRT subtitles later.


    3. RogellParadox


      There they are, still the last episodes are missing but it's a start


    4. Abandoned


      Thanks! I'll take a look when my schedule clears a bit

  4. Hi, I'm Rogell. I'm a cartoon/anime/comics/manga fanatic and I hope to find new content here and also people to be friends
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