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  1. I never read the books, and could predict plot-lines. I wouldn't want to spoil the film, but my friend who read it was convinved I had to when I kept going "I'm guessing he #####" Other than that, I thought it was good? The people I know who have read it were extremely disappointed, saying little niches like the dragons voice etc, bothered them greatly.
  2. 1. Evanescene 2. Paic!At The Disco 3. AFI - A Fire Inside 4. Blink182 5. ??? Erm, Cher? =D
  3. I'm so lazy: Sonic Mega Collection Kingdom Hearts 2 Primal Summoner Chocobo Dungeon II To name a few. Don't even get me started on overal games still to finish. These are some which I 'may' consider playing again =0
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    Well, I'm not so sure about the name but I do get around creating sites X_X It's sort of an addiction? >-< Finally got paid hosting so I have to stick with one from now on =0 ------- I admit X-2 didn't tickle my fancy, but VIII was bad in my personal opinion because of the extremely dull features. Draw System GF System Ending Battles Overal Storyline I'd rate that worse than X-2, which in all fairness, had at least 'some' good qualities. *sigh*
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    I remember reading about how everyone was giving out about something, *cannot remember*, and alot of people left, and bitched to Koby. I was just there thinking: "M'God, he made this in his free time for free." >_> Some people can suprise me in their stupidity...
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    I can take them =D TY for all the positivity It seems the revival works? So many guests are online? 0_0
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    Well, literally, I've been re-visiting this site for quite some time now, I must admit. But now I feel I should really make an account. =D So here I am? My name is tails509, I'm strictly a Final Fantasy gamer, with the firm belief that Final Fantasy 9 was the best and 8 the worst =/ Guess thats all I have to say? Hope to get along and get some enjoyment from here
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