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  1. Wizface2137

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    Currently on like my 55th run of metroid prime lol
  2. Wizface2137

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    Halo / Metroid games usually, love the themes of these games
  3. Xbox: wizant2137 halo, gears, and overwatch have been played a lot recently
  4. Wizface2137

    Metroid Prime 4

    You have a point there. Say, what do people think about the Amiibo content? Most of it I like, the extra help and Fusion mode are perfect amiibo content, so long as the Amiibo isn't the only way to play the harder difficulty. Personally I would've preferred the option to unlock the gallery through my efforts like the GBA games, but I do like how they're making the amiibos worthwhile. Overall though I'm a bit worried that selling content that was once covered in through the likes of GBA games' retail value through an Amiibo paywall is going to lead to something more extreme however
  5. Wizface2137

    Metroid Prime 4

    Even so, most of the key devs from the Prime days left, gone to 343i or Armature etc. Two big points on Retro as well. Firstly, the lead director, art director, and principle technology engineer from Retro's Prime days formed Armature studios, which has had a hand in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Vita and Borderlands Handsome Collection on Xbox One & PS4. I think it would be fitting for them to develop a Prime Trilogy HD remaster, as they're set from art design to mechanics. Given the versatility of the Switch and the experience of the company, they could implement both motion controls *and* oldschool controls via the Pro controller for a feel more Gamecube-esque. Hell, the mayflash gamecube adapter even works with the switch. As for the second point, I find it interesting that Retro has been going hard on platformers, then works on a hidden project for 3 years. It was confirmed via Metroid producer that Samus Returns has been in development for about 2, and that's a standard definition remake of a GB game on the 3DS. A completely new modern high definition Metroid platformer on the Switch should take longer, so could Retro be working on Metroid 5 perhaps? Oh, but there's already too many Metroid games coming, we're lucky we already got two, many would say. Well, in the same interview, he heavily hints that there is another Metroid in the works for the Switch: "Do you think we'll ever see a 2D Metroid on Switch? We are always, always thinking about ways that we can excite the fans of the series and come up with stuff that they will want to see and play, and we love that challenge, but there's nothing we can discuss in terms of Switch at this point. Yeah, we'll discuss it. (laughs)" So he's confirming that he will be discussing Metroid for the Switch. Very unlikely he's talking about Prime 4 since the topic was regarding bringing a 2D platforming Metroid to the Switch, plus he has said repeatedly across interviews upon questioning that it's not within his jurisdiction to discuss Prime. He's the classic Metroid guy https://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-2017-metroids-producer-talks-mercurysteams-cont/1100-6450980/
  6. Wizface2137

    Metroid Prime 4

    Well, perhaps this should be more a Metroid revival thread in general since Metroid discussion isn't the liveliest here, but seriously, in anyone else as hype for this game as I am? Plus Samus Returns, and interviews indicating there's going to be even more Metroid on the Switch other than Prime 4, I'm completely stoked
  7. Wizface2137

    Dragon Ball Super

    Goku biting Whis though LMAO
  8. Xbox gamertag: Wizant2137 I play halo and gears mainly
  9. Wizface2137

    Dragon Ball Super

    That's all pretty valid. Great point about getting zeno angry lol. I suppose villain was a poor choice of words though, maybe more anti-hero, typically leaning negative since the positive results are usually accidents and would typically end up horribly if Goku werent so lucky lol
  10. Wizface2137

    Dragon Ball Super

    My friend thinks making Goku seem like a villain is supposed to be a joke but makes people agree, but I kinda think Goku's always been a bit of a villain. What say you peeps?