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  1. I usually get "access violation" errors using avspmod, sometimes it happens for no reason and it does not occur anymore, but when I use some specific filters I receive many warnings of related errors in a secondary window. The only ones I remember at the moment are maa2 and sangnom2. It does not need to be called directly in the script, if another filter uses any of these in the process also the same errors happen. I tried downloading other versions of avspmod supposedly with modifications that include bug fixes, but in all of them the same error occurs. (Including I used the library.zip that koby recommends in his blog, but also did not succeed). Has anyone had the same situation and would have had a solution? Follows the error log below:
  2. Karyuuni

    Avisynth Script Help?

    Why not use colormatrix? I think it would be difficult to do this with some kind of tweak, and what would be the final difference between both, colormatrix generates some problem that tweak would not have?
  3. Karyuuni

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Thank you very much for the information, I will try to work with it, I have never used masks, I will see what results I have with when trying to use this feature, I have never tried because I do not know how to use this feature. But I'll try to follow the schematic you used in your script to see if I can get something here.
  4. Karyuuni

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    What did you use to denoise / degrain?
  5. Karyuuni

    Deinterlace anime avisynth...

    There really is not much to do anyway, right? The source is bad. Well, thanks for the help, I'll leave it that way.
  6. Karyuuni

    Deinterlace anime avisynth...

    I'm having, ghosts, traces, white lines, duplicates, all bad when doing deinterlace. I used the filters below, one at a time, combined, among others and all are very problematic. I do not really know how to make it work, I'll leave a sample of each video below. AssumeTFF() #TFM(pp=0) #TDecimate(mode=1, hybrid=0) #AssumeFPS(24) #QTGMC(Preset="slow", Sharpness=0.0, InputType=3, SourceMatch=3, ShowSettings=False, TR0=0, TR1=0, TR2=3, Rep0=0, Rep1=0, Rep2=0, RepChroma=false) #eedi3() #QTGMC(preset="slow", matchpreset="slow", matchpreset2="slow", sourcematch=3) #eedi3() #QTGMC(Preset="placebo", Sharpness=0.0, InputType=3, SourceMatch=3, ShowSettings=False, TR2=3, lossless=1) #daa() #srestore(frate=25) Video 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q9jc1c5m9lm7d8y/Total_Drama(00h00m00s-00h02m00s)-001.mkvVideo 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c3u1o556deinyje/Samurai_Sho(00h07m00s-00h09m00s)-002.mkv
  7. Karyuuni

    Deinterlace anime avisynth...

    I'll try the video help, I have no idea if I'm not doing it right or the source is really bad. If someone with time wants to try, I have the complete ISO link, I will not send it because I do not remember if I can post links here.
  8. I'm having problems on the deinterlace of an anime, problems like the image, I've used the config down below, it worked for most of the animes I've tested it with few scenes having artefacts, but in that particular source almost all scenes look bad, I don't have experience with deinterlace, so I was configuring just the way that looked better for me. There is a way to fix that? QTGMC(Preset="Medium", Sharpness=0, InputType=3, SourceMatch=3, FPSDivisor=1, ShowSettings=False, TR0=0, TR1=1, TR2=1, Rep0=0, Rep1=0, Rep2=0, RepChroma=false, Lossless=2)
  9. My command line, see the resolution it identifies, it comes out in this resolution all weird as in the image I sent. Do you see something wrong? Encode by command line I'm not good, but I like it.
  10. Okay, fixed the "enable10bithack" script is right out it? Because, I can only see the preview using the "dither_post" that transforms into 8 bits again, now turning it off and holding the other two to the encode, my video continues to come out completely weird at the end. I feel like there's something that maybe I really can not understand and it's going wrong. I have read and reread the guide, but apparently in my view is right, I can not say what is going wrong.
  11. This was intentional, I thought it might be a problem in the Output_depth options of the flashdeband, so I tried to use another filter as the last "output" instead of the flashdeband output. I really forgot this detail of enable10bithack, I'll try again. Is a remux of the DVD, I am not using reencode
  12. The loadplugins that are disabled are the ones that give error and I can not use. Some work, only give an error if I try to give load manually
  13. I understand, I can see the preview of avspmod, but this image I sent is when I do the encode already, that I activate the last two filters again and disable the first one, which is only for the preview, if I understood correctly.
  14. I'm trying, but the videos that come back to me are like this: Taking advantage of, I have filters that I can not use, I get error when giving loadplugin in them, I already installed all types of Visual Studio among others needed. But I still can not make them work, what else could it be? All filters are in their x86 / 32bit version.
  15. It's possible to convert to "native" 10 bits on avisynth? Because even with filters modified to high bit depth, after extracting lossless a 8bit archive comes out, and using a 10 bit output of some filters like flash3kyuu deband, it duplicates the height, but the duplicated half is odd, and even that way, a 10bit RAW doesn't come. How can I proceed? I want it necessarily on avisynth, and not the conversion to 10bits that it's possible to do with the x264 codec during the conversion. Double height bug example: