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  1. The earliest ones I remember watching were Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs and Bosco Adventure.
  2. While I agree that there are no bad 40s-50s LT, I WILL say that I always thought "The Big Snooze", the last one by Bob Clampett, felt kinda halfassed. Also I thought "Hare Ribbin" (also by Clampett, the one where Bugs disguises himself as a mermaid to seduce that dog with a blonde wig) was weird - Bugs was a mermaid for a minute, and then they just stay in water for no reason.
  3. Thunderbirds are Go and new Danger Mouse. Not bad for reboots.
  4. I love bingewatching videos by people from ChezApocalypse. Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick, Loose Cannon, video essays about movies (the ongoing series about Transformers movies is so good!)), Todd in the Shadows, Brows Held High...it's fun AND educational. Also I find myself every summer having the need to bingewatch all the AVGN videos.
  5. I was looking for DVDRips of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, since Funnier Moments shut down.
  6. Jokmank

    This or That?

    I haven't seen JW yet but I'll choose it anyway because I heard it's good and I never liked the Matrix. Vacuming or washing dishes?
  7. Japan (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansai_region)
  8. Jokmank

    This or That?

    I think at this point it's safe to say that Colbert has earned a place next to Pryor, Carlin and Hicks as one of the greatest. But still, I love Oliver for how despite trying to come off like a cynic who hates everybody he still loves humanity and really tries to inspire hope and make me care about boring but important stuff. Joel or Mike?
  9. Bubblegum Crisis - the original OVA. And that's not nostalgia speaking. I saw that several years ago and completely fell in love with it. That and Macross embody the awesomeness of 80s anime.
  10. Jokmank

    This or That?

    Metropolis. Less scary clowns during the night. Silver age or bronze age of comics? More precisely, before Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns or after?
  11. Wow, so much hate for fanservice...I'm gonna love it here. The idea that female on male abuse is funny or hot. When the bad guy is beating the s@#t out of the hero/ine the whole fight and then when he's just about to finish him/her off he's distracted by another character just long enough for the hero/ine to pull out the finishing move and kill him while he's distracted. Girls named after candies or fruit or anything else asociated with sweet. And most of all...Giant robot shows that DON'T have the same minute long transformation sequence every episode.
  12. Same here Beast Wars Batman TAS X-Men: Evolution He-Man / She-Ra / Bravestarr Spectacular Spider-Man Courage the Cowardly Dog Daria Bob's Burgers The Simpsons (Seasons 1-7) Futurama Rocko's Modern Life Tiny Toons / Animaniacs / Freakazoid Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys SWAT Kats Robot Chicken
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