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  1. AnimeKaizoku

    Status Quo

    There was one on Reddit that I came across - probably the same guy ranting around.
  2. AnimeKaizoku

    Status Quo

    Im not very good with words so i hope the image will forward the message.
  3. AnimeKaizoku

    Question for admins

    Hi Admins Is it possible for Kametsu to dedicated a small section or sub section under mini encodes for animekaizoku ?, i will post all my mini encodes there manage requests and responses The idea was to set an auto import feed to that section. (the feature is built in into Invision Board) That way any new updates on site can be auto posted to the section, and i can edit them here to make slight changes if needed. It can also import old posts too , this will also keep things up to date in that section , and the forum active. Please please please consider Our posts contain every meta for a detailed post , andd a feed should save loads of hours of work of making threads here. I'll be waiting for your response Thanks Anime Kaizoku Admin
  4. AnimeKaizoku

    Can i post my encodes here?

    will try to post links without shorteners as much as i can . But please consider allowing some posts where link is already posted. Even better option would be to allow download from our site page. That solves the problem altogether. Format : > post title image content and information page link requests enabled
  5. AnimeKaizoku

    Can i post my encodes here?

    Its ouo.oi , it works everywhere, and no popups . It would be really time saving if you could consider that for some threads. Most encodes are directly linked. only a few have the links shortened , once.
  6. AnimeKaizoku

    Can i post my encodes here?

    I see. That would mean all our encodes come under mini encodes, I'll just go and spam post that section there. If possible , please whitelist my activity for that section , because i get a few hours free time to time , so i cant post here daily , i'll make bulk posts here in those few hours i can get. Means i might make 30+ threads in mini encodes section today. Other than that , nothing else. quick question : is shorten links allowed in the download link ? some posts have those , as the encoder who posted the DL dont want direct links out . That's all , thanks for giving us time
  7. AnimeKaizoku

    Can i post my encodes here?

    Our site is for encoded anime , we do our own encodes, and if at times other users encodes are used , we leave credits on the main file itself. That said , i plan to add some anime info , and add the site page itself, The links are direct to mega /google drive/cloud/ torrent/mp4upload so i dont think there should be any problem with download, moreover , you are free to either request on the website itself, or on the thread. i'll post some encodes today, and see how it goes. If i get enough users to notice it, i'll gladly stick here. ^^ Will also take requests in custom encodes soon Prepare yourself to see a section spammed . I made my first post please see This would be more or less , the posting format , Will link to tags, and the original post on the site for future support in case needed. details of the anime are given , however there is no 100% guarantee of the encoding info , Note: these are encodes, so are for users who prefer a decent quality with low size, please dont expect me to upload super high quality, Although i'll post and requested anime in requested quality, Please do check my first post , Note: can't edit titles and add tags, cause i dont have much time to post posts, I can go ahead with this way of posting , should you allow it , i got 500+ animt to share here
  8. AnimeKaizoku

    Can i post my encodes here?

    I'm new here , and i was wondering if i can post my own encodes here , I have a site to do anime encodes , but we would like to share some of our work all around And no other place better than kametsu, But before i started posting and flood a section with new animu , i'd like to ask if there are no problems about this , and if there is something i should keep in mind