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  1. frankly speaking if i did no japanese i wud prefer the original version.. but wen watching the subbed version i tend to concentrate too much on the subs to even watch the anime.. wich is kinda frustrating for me.. which is y i prefer the dubbed version.. though certain dubbed anime can be pretty bad compared to a original voiceover. anyway.. i stil prefer dubb to sub.. i can enjy the anime more that way..
  2. ok what is this xactly? i mean in what period? after Code Geass 2? or b4... sorry bin out of the loop for a while..
  3. DBZ opening. always awesum.. Bleach certain opening titles have bin brilliant.. even the Getbackers.. cant say i have any fav.. just like them..
  4. i think both of them were awesum. havent completed Brotherhood yet.. but i love it.. FMA had more emotions and a good story line while FMA Brotherhood seems more action packed n better animation with an interesting story.. well thats my opinion of it..
  5. i remmber bein in school wen i first started watching DBZ.. n my friends n i useto act it out.. lol.. fun days.. then much later i started watchin Animax n saw one of the episodes of Darker than Black.. n it totally brought me back.. Got hooked to Bleach n many many more Anime which i still continue to watch n enjy..
  6. hey venom.. wassup..i wanted to ask u if u know where i could find Detective Academy Q in dubbed version.. bin looking for it almost everywhere but i only find the subbed versions.. i no it has a dubbed version cus ive seen it on animax.. but cant find it.. if u no any site or if u have it could u help me out.. wud b much appreciated.. :)

  7. i wonder the same thing.. what happens now.. ichigo's lost his powers.. he cant sense spirits nemore.. wat else is there? how will he return.. m dying to know.. but also hope that this isnt the end of BLEACH.. guess vl find out on the 27th wen the next chapter comes out..
  8. hey man whered you watch the 169th episode.. i want to download it but i cant seem to get a suitable site.. help me out if u could..
  9. hate the elfen lied cast.. damm pissing off that anime is... i think most ppl like it but i hate the character n the anime.. sucked big time..
  10. Gin Ichimaru... awesum villain with awesum sense of humor..
  11. i think the last episode i watched was of Soul Eater the last episode of the series.. felt soo bad to see it end.. :'(
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