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  1. well 343 industries has recently denied of any Halo 2 remake in development sadly.
  2. Shikamaru a battle strategist great mind though.
  3. Maybe Kid Buu or Richard Guyot. ---------- Post added at 01:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 AM ---------- Archanfel for sure
  4. tirmizi2010

    Favorite Anime

  5. Guyver:Bioboosted Armor because ts first ever manga i read.
  6. Guyver:Bioboosted Armor sad no english translations are coming now wish ADV continue with anime where they left off.
  7. off course Dragon Ball Z then GT which i regret it then Naruto now Shippuden
  8. tirmizi2010


    im already a fan of DBZ & Naruto but i have heard a lot about BLEACH is it good enough to watch opinions plz?
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